2013 Re-Cap

What a wonderful year it has been, full of adventures, homeownership, travel, time with family and friends, new jobs and promotions, happiness, health,love, and surprises. But alas, 2013 has slipped out the back door and said  farewell as quickly as 2014 barged through the front door and said hell-o. We had the amazing opportunity to be away for three glorious weeks basking in the sunshine, smiles and oh so stunning beauty of Thailand (I promise that I have tales to tell and photos to post but first I wanted to officially get 2013 out-of-the-way) so I am a bit behind on updating. (Okay really,  really, really behind.. LOL)

Here is a little re-cap of 2013 and a few things to come in 2014.

Last year I made a list of things that I wanted to focus on completing throughout the year. A personal “bucketlist” of goals if you will. Although I did not complete half of what I set out to do, I still feel that I accomplish so much! Here is the final updated list…

  1. ~ run a 10km race in under an hour and train for a half marathon (date to be determined)-  not under an hour but three races completed this year.
  2. ~ to complete a 30 day yoga challenge (October 2013)- 23 consecutive classes completed
  3. ~take a long road trip without making a plan
  4. ~ make more time for me
  5. ~turn 29 in VEGAS  (to see why this didn’t happen go here
  6. ~reach 1,000 blog followers- am currently at 909… not too shabby for this gal!

  7. ~ create three of my own recipes
  8. ~ be grateful for one thing EVERY DAY
  9. ~ buy our first home together (can’t wait babe!)
  10. ~ perform 5 acts of creative kindness this year
  11. ~ travel to a different city for a concert (October 2013- Edmonton)
  12. ~ have a vacation on a beach ( mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica!) (thailand Dec 19th- Jan 10th)
  13. ~ be true and dedicated to my commitments (social, physical, self)
  14. ~ Atend 80 or more yoga classes ( last year I did 65!) – total for 2013 was 93
  15. ~ read at least ten books (total was 7)
  16. ~ complete at least three DIY projects for our house (one down, two to go)
  17. ~ Visit my farm 5 times this year- made it out 4 times
  18. ~ move into our new home
  19. ~ attend an NFL game (September 2013)
  20. ~take dance lessons with Tyler
  21. ~ watch a movie at a drive in theatre
  22. ~ attend a yoga retreat
  23. ~ become a vegetarian ( or adopt a more vegetarian way of eating)
  24. ~ hike three trails this summer
  25. ~ attempt back country camping with Tyler
  26. ~ golf 20 games
  27. ~ start planning a trip to Europe for 2014
  28. ~ finish three courses for school (Two down)
  29. ~ chair an event with the Kinette Club
  30. ~ canoe on Lake Louise
  31. ~ go snowboarding somewhere I’ve never been before
  32. ~ start taking Spanish Lessons (i’ve got the book, just need to start)
  33. ~ visit the first Starbucks in Seattle (September 2013)
  34. ~ spend more time with my dad/ have a father daughter day
  35. ~ Practice meditation on a weekly basis…if not daily

I must say that there were many pros and cons to having this list. One pro is that I always had my goals set out and something to always refer to and keep me on track; which also was a con. I felt that because I had set out such specific goals for the year , was hard to bring in new things or adventures that came up spontaneously during the year.

So, this year I have decided to do things a little differently in that I am going to make mini lists from month to month and allow myself the freedom to change what I want to achieve and adventures that I want to have throughout the year. That was it leaves me room for spontaneity and last-minute adventures that I want to have… I feel like this will let me accomplish things that I want to accomplish but not feel so tied down to too many specific things.

Also, in case you missed our big news for 2014…


Tyler and I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled that we are expanding our family! We are in for a wonderful year ahead and cannot wait to meet our little babe! So needless to say, I am excited for what 2014 has in store and I cannot wait to share it with you all. Thanks for sticking with me!

Stay tuned for updates from Thailand… coming very SOON!



Being Enough

Today I am inspired by some inspiration I received yesterday from The Yoga Code workshop I attended.

I spent the day with 26 of the most courageous, loving, open-minded, amazing women. I love when Jackie asks me to be apart of her workshops because I love seeing the transformations that happen, the insights that people offer and the safe place of love and friendship that is created. The shift of energy throughout the day was amazing and I am truly grateful to be apart of something so wonderful (much love Jackie <3).

Here is what resonated with me:

I think as women, we tend to focus a lot more on what is going on around us and what other people are thinking about us in the role of mother, friend, sister, wife, CEO, etc. We feel guilty and beat ourselves up for not throwing Pinterest birthdays for our children, keeping up with every social event on the calendar, making it to the gym, eating that piece of chocolate, or in my case not blogging. We also steel our friends moments of happiness away from them instead of just being happy for them when we say things like “it must be nice” or “I wish I had her life”.

Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves to others?

And why do we constantly bring each other down?

I have heard so many comments and read so many posts and articles lately about women feeling powerless, judged, guilty and that they are not enough. We apologize all the time. We feel that we are not worthy. We don’t accept compliments without making excuses. We feel like we aren’t doing a good job at parenting, and that we just can’t keep up. (sound familiar)

Well, guess what? You Are Enough

Plain and simple,

You Are Enough

It’s important that we all realize this. That we practice Truth towards ourselves and believe that we are enough. Stop telling yourself lies and  really believe that as mothers, friends, sisters, wives, CEOs etc. We are enough. You are enough. I am enough.

Say it… “I AM ENOUGH”

Now, say it again and believe it…” I AM ENOUGH”

As we approach this holiday season where everything can be very busy, chaotic, stressful, crowded and hectic please take time to remember that you are enough, the mom in line with screaming baby is enough and every other women around you is enough.



p.s…are you needing a little you time this holiday season? Be the first to sign up for the The Yoga Code Workshop Holiday Edition . These events always sell out so get your spot early~

Seattle in September

Our trip to Seattle, much like September has come and gone much to quickly~! In fact I cannot believe that we were there a month ago already. Not a day has gone by that we haven’t talked about Seattle or wished we could live our trip all over again.



When we arrived we were welcome with a very typical Seattle morning. Mild temperature, refreshing breeze and some low-lying fog. We were assured that by early afternoon things would clear up and it was going to be a GORGEOUS day… and indeed it was.

New Image

We started off with breakfast at this great bistro called Bacco. They have a full juice bar and healthy delicious food. We loved it here so much that we actually came back a second time with Tyler’s parents. Note *if you are in a rush, there was a bit of a wait and service is a bit slow, but its worth it~*

We then took the Ferry over to Bainbridge. This was $7.00 each (as opposed to some of the tours that were upwards of $50.00 each) and a great way to spend the afternoon relaxing and seeing the sights. I would highly recommend this on a sunny day and if you have an hour to kill. Seattle skyline



If you have been following along with our YEAR OF DATES, we did have our September date in Seattle… more on that here~!

By day two we were familiar with the area and decided to grab some fresh greek yogurt and fruit from the market and head down to the bay to eat breakfast. We finished every single bite of yogurt (Tyler would have licked the container if I would have let him) and decided to boost the Seattle Economy for the afternoon. We toured the whole market before making our way into some shops downtown. There is definitely something for everyone; lots of quaint little boutiques as well as your bigger department stores. After a long day of walking we made our way back to the hotel for a quick rest before heading out on a walking pub tour.

We booked this tour through Seattle By Foot…and I thought it was really enjoyable~! A few highlights included…

560077_10151747723878025_2110782717_nThe Athenian Inn~ Right in Pike Place Market, a scene from Sleepless in Seattle was filmed here…

 The Pike 1234270_10151747724408025_1747271982_n



And The Whiskey Bar…where we ended up.


Saturday was another fun-filled day spent touring around and taking the bus to a trendy little area called Fremont. This area is filled with a lot of cute boutique shops, bakeries, restaurants and of course… Fremont Brewery~! This was a great area to walk around in for the day and I highly recommend checking it out~!



Copy of 543947_10151747732988025_1332005832_n



Sunday was filled with nothing but NFL, NFL, NFL~! This was my very first NFL experience and something that was on my bucketlist for this year. It was so amazing! The Seattle Seahawks were playing the San Francisco 49ers; one of their division rivals in the NFC west and last years runner-up in the Superbowl. Although I am just learning the ways of the NFL, this was one sporting event I will never forget. This all day event was definitely the highlight of our trip and could end up being an annual event for us.

The stadium is huge and home of the “12th” man (the fans); Who don’t mess around. The noise levels in the stadium broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the loudest sporting event at 136.6 decibels. Read more about it here.



Copy of 536991_10151747733608025_1831388179_n





The Seahawks were victorious over the 49ers with a 29-3 victory. The party poured out onto the streets after the game as we made our way to a local pub for some post game drinks and appys.

As our trip came to an end, we spent Monday meandering around, visiting the market once last time and getting in some last-minute shopping before heading home. I can honestly say that I love Seattle. We are still talking about what a great trip we had and how much we miss it there. I cannot wait to go back and experience more great food and more of Seattle.

Seattle, we will see you soon~!


A Year of Dates… August, #5

the date envelope~


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Blog Birthday

When I started TrenaEverAfter, my expectations were nothing more than for me to have a creative outlet to share my scatterbrained emotions with whoever would read them. At the time I expected that would merely be a few close friends, Tyler and maybe the odd person stopping by from WordPress.

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A year of Dates… July, #4

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Summer 2013

I truly cannot believe that the last weekend of summer 2013 has come and gone. Kids are back to school today, the days are getting shorter and the chilly mornings of Autumn are among us. I must say that I did not plan on being away from the blog for all of August but when summer calls one must be ready to answer.

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