here’s to the weekend…


~ sleep in~

~enjoy some morning goodness~

~go for a long walk around your neighborhood~

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no pain, no…

Last night was my very first experience running in my Vibram five finger shoes. I hit the trail about 7:00 pm and knew I had about an hour before the sun went down. My goal was to do 5 km and see how my foot felt after. I must admit that it was a weird feeling running in these shoes but I started off nice and slow ( at the recommendation of my friend German) and before I knew it I had ran 2.5 km without any pain in my foot. I decided to keep going unless I felt any pain as it was a perfect night for running; warm enough for a tank top and tights, but cool enough to not feel like I was overheating.

five “fingers”

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the “perfect” runner…thoughts?

If you have been following along, (much love for your support) you know that not long ago I completed my first 10 km race with a time of 1:10.56 and that I also did a little damage to my foot. Just to recap, as I was nearing the 8.5 km mark I started to get a cramp in the arch of my right foot. Because it was painful to run normal heel to toe, I overcompensated and started running on the outer edge of my foot. At the time I didn’t really notice that I was doing this and it wasn’t until a few hours post-race that my foot really started to ache. When I woke up on Monday morning I could barely walk and this continued on until Wednesday when I could finally start putting normal pressure on my foot. Today, almost a week and a half later I am back to walking normal but I can still feel a little bit of pain when I put pressure on my foot a certain way. My first reaction of course was that it’s because I  just didn’t train enough, that I’m out of shape, or that I’m just using the wrong shoe (maybe a combination of all three??)

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what a difference a day makes…


~happy first day of fall~

Tyler and I had a wonderful first day of fall. We are very fortunate to live in Mission which is an area in Calgary by the Elbow River. There are plenty of pathways for walking, running and biking, as well as many close amenitites on Fourth street. We are very lucky! On our early morning stroll we decided that we would head up to Purple Perk for some morning goodness before hitting the paths in Lindsay Park.

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Here we are,  the end of the week and the end of summer… it’s hard to believe that September is almost over and I hate to say it but Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on what a fabulous summer this has been for Tyler and I. This is my second summer living in Calgary, but officially my first actually spent here. Last year we were very preoccupied attending the weddings of our dear friends and loved ones that this year we thought we would try to take in as much of Calgary and surrounding area as we could.

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stuffed pepper soap box


As I was driving home from work I started looking around at how much the leaves have changed the past couple weeks. Normally, I drive the Deerfoot to and from work but today I had some errands to run and took a different way home.  As I drove over the 14th street bridge I realized the beautiful colors of fall are out in full force! I was absolutely taken aback with the luscious colors that have emerged and its as if someone took a paintbrush to the river banks and painted them with bright yellows,  rustic oranges and burnt reds. I cannot wait to get outside this weekend and take some pictures…

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Beyond your limits…

“There are only so many hours in a day, so many days in a week”. I’m sure we’ve all heard this or said this at one point or another in our lives. Or how about “I’m only one person, I can’t be in 8 different places at once, I only have two hands”. These are limitations that make us all human. Sure, we may sometimes wish that we could be super human beings and be in eight different places at once or have an extra set of hands, but the reality is we don’t. These are our limitations. Things that are out of our control that put us all on the same playing field.

But what about those limitations that set us apart? Is there a way we can free ourselves from our limitations?

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Today, IAM a runner!


posted at the finish line

I thought this was an appropriate quote to begin the events of this weekend which is quite ironic because it was the last quote of the day at the end of the race. So, I will start from the end and finish at the beginning…

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happy in the moment~

I had a wonderful conversation this morning with a dear friend of mine. She has always been referred to as my Auntie Barb but really she wears many hats in my life. She’s been my aunt, my (second) mom, my best friend, my teacher, my running buddy, my rock. I had called her yesterday as I was elated to inform her that I had started the blog and when she called me back this morning she gave me a little update as to what has been going on around the farm (which is my favourite place in the world!). This time of year on the farm is normally alive with harvest. Its an insanely busy time of year that is consumed with combines, grain trucks and countless hours in the field. I wouldn’t have even had the chance to speak with her had that been the case. But after many years of hard work, the combines, grain trucks and Teeters have retired. My Aunt Barb told me how wonderful her days have been and how much she is enjoying the much more peaceful autumn around the farm. The morning air has been crisp and cool lingering around until the afternoon sun shows up for his brief performance, the leaves are starting to change colour and soon will begin there decent to the Earth and the evenings are calm, no men to feed, no CB radio blaring, and no roar of a combine. Just calm.

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what’s in a name?

Its how we identify ourselves, its the first question we ask a complete stranger, its what separates the calls for “mom” in the grocery store, its our name. I’ve struggled a lot with mine over the years, my full name being Trena- Louise and not the easiest to fit in those little spaces of your passport application. Let me break it down for you: Trena (tree- nuh) being Scandinavian in origin is a Latin term for “triple” often associated with the Holy Trinity and Louise (loo-EZZ) being German in origin and meaning “famous warrior” makes for what I like to call a “triple threat”! Needless to say I was born in the ’80’s and I’m sure that my parents took none of this into account when naming me… as my older brothers name is Trent, my mother once told me that she just dropped the “t” and added an “a” and since Trent has my father’s name as his middle name, well yes you guessed it, I adopted my mother’s name becoming Treenuh- Loo-ezzz!

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