happy in the moment~

I had a wonderful conversation this morning with a dear friend of mine. She has always been referred to as my Auntie Barb but really she wears many hats in my life. She’s been my aunt, my (second) mom, my best friend, my teacher, my running buddy, my rock. I had called her yesterday as I was elated to inform her that I had started the blog and when she called me back this morning she gave me a little update as to what has been going on around the farm (which is my favourite place in the world!). This time of year on the farm is normally alive with harvest. Its an insanely busy time of year that is consumed with combines, grain trucks and countless hours in the field. I wouldn’t have even had the chance to speak with her had that been the case. But after many years of hard work, the combines, grain trucks and Teeters have retired. My Aunt Barb told me how wonderful her days have been and how much she is enjoying the much more peaceful autumn around the farm. The morning air has been crisp and cool lingering around until the afternoon sun shows up for his brief performance, the leaves are starting to change colour and soon will begin there decent to the Earth and the evenings are calm, no men to feed, no CB radio blaring, and no roar of a combine. Just calm.

She went on to tell me that she has been taking off the garden and how wonderful it was to just be able to spend the time doing it and not have to worry about rushing due to something related to harvest. This got me thinking about my own life and how much rushing around I do in a day and just how “busy” I make myself. I do enjoy being busy but there comes a point where a person has to stop and think:

if all you do in life is rush around and make yourself so preoccupied are you enjoying life? are you happy?

My Aunt made a good point that happiness is living in the moment and knowing that you are happy, not looking back at your life and thinking “hmmm I wish I would’ve taken more time to enjoy my life.” I guess what Im trying to say is live in the moment and enjoy it. Realize that you can be happy now and not have to wait until your kids are grown or until you get that raise or until you retire. Start today, start right now!! DO IT! I encourage you to take in every little moment and think about how it makes you feel, try to find and enjoy a piece of happiness in every moment.

I am going out to visit the farm in three weeks and Im jumping for joy as I cannot wait to put on my warmest woolly sweater and go for long walks down our road. I’ll be sure to take some updated pictures and post them so you can all see my amazing “home” but in the meantime here is an older pic to give you and idea….

I also encourage you read “The Happiness Project”, even if you are content with the way things are going in your life we can always use more happiness! Here is the link to Gretchin Rubin’s blog and you can also find it under happyness in my links.


As I side note: Im running my first ever 10 km race this weekend! If I don’t die… (for real!) Ill be sure to post some pictures. My goal is to just keep running. Im not too concerned with the time as this is my first race but I just dont want to walk. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful, happy, fabulous weekend!


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  1. Love reading your blog this past week Trena! True thoughts about rushing around in life.. I am struggling with that myself right now. Definately going to check out that website. Good luck with your first race this weekend, you are going to do awesome 🙂

  2. I completely agree about taking time out. For 3 years in a row I’ve volunteered with a charity called Trees for Life. Its a conservation holiday where you stay with other volunteers in the Highlands of Scotland planting trees, or felling non native trees for a week.

    Every day when we arrived at the site that we would be working on we would do an ‘attunement’. We all held hands and shut our eyes, while one of the group leaders gave praise for our surroundings and our place in the world. On one of the days I lead the attunement. That few minutes of the day was so powerful and completely moved me, especially as I work in marketing, have a 9 -5 job and often feeel bogged down by the pressures of real life. I vowed from the very first attunement that no matter what was happening in my life I would take at least a couple of minutes each day to appreciate.

    I know its sounds quite ‘hippy-ish’, but even the most straight laced people volunteering benefited from this stillness and I hope that they too returned to their normal lives with a different perspective on the world.

    Love the post, thank you for sharing 🙂

    LT x

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