no pain, no…

Last night was my very first experience running in my Vibram five finger shoes. I hit the trail about 7:00 pm and knew I had about an hour before the sun went down. My goal was to do 5 km and see how my foot felt after. I must admit that it was a weird feeling running in these shoes but I started off nice and slow ( at the recommendation of my friend German) and before I knew it I had ran 2.5 km without any pain in my foot. I decided to keep going unless I felt any pain as it was a perfect night for running; warm enough for a tank top and tights, but cool enough to not feel like I was overheating.

five “fingers”

I downloaded the app MapMyRun to track my time, pace and distance. I love this app because you can just turn it on then put on your tunes and your off. Periodically, it gives you updates on your time, pace and distance without even looking at it and without interrupting your playlist. I LOVE IT! Plus it maps out your run for you so you can see where you’ve been…

I highly recommend this for anyone is just starting out and wants to see how they are doing. Its a great way to challenge yourself and meet the goals that you are setting.

A beautiful and inspiring quote that reminds us to focus on our own development and achieving our personal best in whatever we do.

~ Never compare yourself to others around you

~ Set your own personal goals and stick with them!

~Remain motivated, focused and balanced

~Celebrate success

On the home stretch of my run I stopped for a few minutes to take some pictures of the sky. It was a beautiful sunset and the perfect shot from Stampede Park.

After finishing my 5 km and having a bit of a cool down I wasn’t feeling any pain in my foot…which was a good sign. But I thought the real results will be in the morning when I get out of bed…I have to report that I have absolutely zero pain this morning! My calves a bit sore but nothing that I can’t handle. I think I am going to have to give my five finger shoes a few more test runs before I can officially say whether I love running in them or not but so far I am impressed.

No pain, no gain? How about just no pain…I’ll take it!


(Note: I am in no way, shape or form suggesting that these shoes are for everyone. If you are considering getting a pair but have joint, foot or knee problems I would consult your physician or a running technician who can help you choose the best shoe for you~!)

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