Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween. I used to love dressing up when I was a kid and going around the neighbourhood collecting as much candy as humanly possible. Even in my adult life I still enjoy the dressing up, going out and of course the candy!! Although now I just buy my own.

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whatever the weather

I don’t think that I will ever complain about the weather in Alberta ever again. Considering what the rest of the world has encountered and is currently encountering with threatening tsunamis and hurricanes, I’d say the little bit of snow and colder temperatures we are experiencing here is a far cry from unbearable. If you are out East or have loved ones who are I hope that you are all safe and that you can make it through this horrible natural disaster.

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These past few days I have been doing a great deal of thinking. It’s been very enlightening and I have come to a few realizations; the first being that life is too short. We don’t get to choose how long we are on this earth but we do get to choose how we spend the time that we are here. It’s amazing how time just seems to slip away from us and before we know it a month goes by, then a year, then ten. Make sure that you are enjoying every moment and not missing out on your life. The second realization is that I know some pretty amazing people.  The support that was offered from so many staff and students that attended Augustana University in light of a horrible situation was overwhelming and it really shows just what an inspiring person Julia was. Someone had written this quote for Julia and I just thought it was very touching

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.” ~ Chuck Palahnuik

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Why Worry?

Friday, we meet again. I found myself sitting at my desk this morning feeling slightly overwhelmed. I think it has just been one of those weeks and I get the sense that a lot of people are feeling this way. It’s been a hectic day and its only 11:30 AM. I finally had to stop and take 5 minutes to collect myself. I don’t know why I let myself get so many irons in the fire that I forget to breathe and remember that life is not as bad as it could be. There is no need to stress and get bent out of shape over the little things in life. I found this and it reminded me that everything is going to be ok. I am thankful for this life that I was given and all the blessings that come along with it. Things can always be worse but Why Worry??

It comes back again to asking yourself

“Is this true?”

making sure that you are always being honest with yourself and those around you. If you have too much on your plate, remember that it’s okay to say no.

  In five years is this day really going to matter?

Chances are it won’t and that you have just worked yourself up over nothing and for no good reason. If there is something you can do about your situation then do it, if it’s out of your control, let it be.

Show yourself some kindness and compassion this weekend by changing the energy that you are bringing into your life and to just simply let go of those things in which you can’t control and aren’t worth worrying about. Most importantly, don’t forget to breathe! We have all been on an airplane right? Well what’s the rule of thumb for survival…PUT THE OXYGEN MASK ON YOURSELF FIRST! Plain and simple.

Happy Friday, much love


Her Story…

Today I don’t have any pictures of what I have been cooking, no success stories from running, no funny quotes or anecdotes to share. Today you get me, just some thoughts and feeling that I want to share with you.

I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be able to write about the most life changing event that has ever happened to me. Four and a half years ago I lost the most amazing person that I have ever known. She was my rock, my teacher, my shoulder to cry on and at times my friend. There are so many wonderful words to describe her but my favorite one is “mama”. My mama passed away after having a massive heart attack in June 2008, I was 24 years old and it was the most devastating thing that could have ever happened to me.

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Thanks Universe!

Every morning I get a message from the universe, this was today’s: Neither a promotion, losing weight, finding a soul mate, writing a book, nor becoming a billionaire, Trena, will ensure happiness.

Nothings ensures happiness. No destination is great enough. No dream come true will do.

Because happiness, dear Trena, that’s not present at the start of a journey will not be present at its end.

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just when you think there isn’t room for anything else…

Thoughts for a Friday: As humans we put a lot of things on our plates. I know for me I work two jobs, go to school part time, run, do yoga, blog, take care of the house, volunteer, have a relationship with Tyler, friends and family as well as trying to squeeeeze a little me time in. I’m busy! But I think it’s important to stop using that as an excuse. I choose to be busy; I choose to do these things. I do enjoy them but not all of the things that are on my plate are 100 % necessary to make my life complete. We have all used the “I’m busy” phrase a time or two too many.

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If I would have known how easy it is to cook spaghetti squash I would have started making it years ago! Seriously, this was probably one of the easiest and most delicious things I have ever tasted.

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Sprouts and Spuds

Last night I was wondering what to make for supper when I stumbled upon a recipe from the blog Oh She Glows. I was generously given a bag of potatoes from the farm and had some brussels sprouts left from the farmers market. I was looking for a quick and easy meal to prepare and found this recipe for Roasted Fingerling Potaotoes and Brussels Sprouts (I know right, how perfect!) This is a very easy recipe for anyone that is looking for something a little different and has way too many potatoes! The brussels sprouts turned out tasty as well and even if you aren’t a fan of them, I would encourage you to still try them with your potatoes. Over at Oh She Glows, her pictures and recipe is the real deal. I had to modify mine a little bit as I didn’t have fresh rosemary… Here is her recipe below

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a weekend of plenty

Here are some photographs that I took this weekend. I truly enjoyed being home for Thanksgiving. It was a weekend full of family, amazing food, wine, walks, fantastic weather, good sleeps, fresh air, love, laughter, friends and time with my dog Boomer. Sometimes I think that we forget what the holidays are really about and that Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for that which you have. Its not surrounded by sales, presents or anything of monetary value. I feel honored to be on this Earth and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Enjoy…

Sunrise as I was leaving Calgary

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