thanksgiving…and turkey

Good morning -5….brrrrrr! I guess because it’s been so nice I was a little shocked to wake up this morning to negative temperatures. We are quite blessed to live in a country where we can experience the best of all the seasons and although I have appreciated the warm fall weather and wonderful summer, I am looking forward to getting some snow on the ground. But all in due time…for now the sun is shining and it looks B-E-Auuuuutiful outside. This weekend is Thanksgiving (Canadian) and I have been looking forward to it for weeks.  I’m counting down the hours until I am done for the week and on the road…

The Teeter farm is just Northeast of Wainwright about 23 km and has been my “home” since I was 8 years old. From the minute I met Barbara (Auntie Barb) Teeter, I knew that she and I would have an unbreakable bond for life. I soon became her unofficial daughter and if the walls of the Teeter home could talk they would tell you some wonderfully delightful stories of the endless memories that have been created over the years.

One of my favourite things about being out on the farm was all the freedom there was to run around and explore.Whether it was taking the quad for a rip through the field down to Grandma’s house or saddling up the horses for a picnic down by the river, there was always and adventure to be had! It was the best place to have a childhood.

I can remember the hours I would spend cleaning out the combines during harvest, making sure that everything was spic and span for Uncle Den to go out into the field the next day and also the hours spent helping out in the garden. There were always fresh raspberries to pick, peas to shell, or potatoes that needed hilling. I think this is where I get a lot of my work ethic from because the motto was that anything worth doing was worth doing right. A hard day’s work never went unnoticed either. Auntie Barb always had the best treats and homemade goodies for a reward.

Of course, the Teeter farm is no longer the major farming operation that it once was. But don’t be fooled; the combining and countless hours in the field may have slowed down but the once massive vegetable garden has since been transformed into a backyard prairie oasis. With its lush green grass, bright bunches of flowers, a lovely Japanese bridge and water feature as well as many trinkets and sentiments, it  is truly my favourite place on Earth.

Some other fond memories I have of being out on the farm  is the panel in the kitchen where many family members and friends have stood heels against the door frame with a cereal box on their head waiting to be measured. I think mine dates back to 1994! I’ll be sure to get my official height when I am there this weekend. There is also the famous November hunt where the house is turned into a hunting shack. The men leave early to stalk and shoot their pretty while we ladies enjoy our morning chit chat with a nice cup of coffee followed by an abundance of laughs throughout the day over a nice crisp glass of white wine. There has also been many miles walked and ran down Theodore Lee’s road, into the river valley and out to Mistahiya (old ski hill in Wainwright).

Trust me when I say that I could go on and on about all the memories (twenty years worth) and days gone by that have been spent on that farm. I am so blessed to know Barb and Dennis. They are both amazing people and I am so thankful for both of them; especially Barb. She has taught me so many things over the years and continues to be an amazing friend. Deep down inside she will always be my “Auntie Barb”. Going home this weekend means a lot to me as its always been the place where no matter what is going on in my life I know that I will always be welcomed with open arms and a good cup of coffee (or a glass of wine).

I hope you can all find something, someone, or be somewhere that you are thankful for this weekend. As a small gift of thanks to myself I plan on doing some serious relaxing, eating way too much turkey and pumpkin pie and enjoying the people that I love so dearly.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Take a moment this weekend to be thankful and appreciate all that you have in your life as there are some out there who aren’t as fortunate.

P.s~ I’ll be sure to take pictures of my home and share them with you throughout the weekend


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