a weekend of plenty

Here are some photographs that I took this weekend. I truly enjoyed being home for Thanksgiving. It was a weekend full of family, amazing food, wine, walks, fantastic weather, good sleeps, fresh air, love, laughter, friends and time with my dog Boomer. Sometimes I think that we forget what the holidays are really about and that Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for that which you have. Its not surrounded by sales, presents or anything of monetary value. I feel honored to be on this Earth and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Enjoy…

Sunrise as I was leaving Calgary

early morning

country road…take me home

the graineries

My Boomer Loomer…love him!

the "shack"

the “shack”

grand entrance

Autumn lane

the most wonderful person I know and love

spooky, on the walking trail

table decor

beginning of the dressing


orange zest

girls will be girls



in the garden

good day sunshine

Japanese bridge

South America

pondering place

tea time

looking out my backdoor

delicious delights

my favorite~! (recipe to follow)

Count your blessings and cherish everyday…


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