Thanks Universe!

Every morning I get a message from the universe, this was today’s: Neither a promotion, losing weight, finding a soul mate, writing a book, nor becoming a billionaire, Trena, will ensure happiness.

Nothings ensures happiness. No destination is great enough. No dream come true will do.

Because happiness, dear Trena, that’s not present at the start of a journey will not be present at its end.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that I need all these things in my life to make me happy or I find myself waiting for things to happen that will create my happiness. The truth of the matter is that happiness is always there. Happiness is something we create ourselves, it’s inside of us and whether or not we choose to see it and choose to bring it into our lives is up to us. Being happy is not about making yourself happy but rather letting yourself be happy.  I tried for a lot of years to do things that would “make” me happy. I was always reaching for something more and was never satisfied with that which I was given. I’d start a new job, buy a new dress, get my hair done, lose weight…you name it I probably tried it. It wasn’t until I stopped looked that I realized what I had been missing had always been there. I just didn’t realize it.

It all comes back to what I’ve been saying about manifesting and creating positive situations in your life. Put the things that you want to come into your life out there and see what transpires, but in the meantime don’t dwell on them. Focus on what you have right now, right in this moment and be happy.

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Calgary. I had a lovely weekend full of yoga, good food, running, sunshine and relaxing.  Tyler and I had family dinner together last night. He prepped, cooked and even did the dishes after. I felt very spoiled! All of the vegetables are from the farm (except for the lettuce) and the wine is homemade from my Dad. It was a wonderful meal and we have decided to make Sundays our regular family dinner night. Here are some picture highlights…


believe, faith, love

dinner for two

farm grown vegetable medley

I hope Monday has treated you well and if not, the good news is today is National Red Wine day…and the even better news is that tomorrow is a whole brand new day!

I’ve been receiving a lot of blog love lately and I am so thankful to each and every one of you that have been reading.

For your own personal messages from the Universe please go to:


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