whatever the weather

I don’t think that I will ever complain about the weather in Alberta ever again. Considering what the rest of the world has encountered and is currently encountering with threatening tsunamis and hurricanes, I’d say the little bit of snow and colder temperatures we are experiencing here is a far cry from unbearable. If you are out East or have loved ones who are I hope that you are all safe and that you can make it through this horrible natural disaster.

At yoga last night the topic of peace was brought up and I wanted to share this idea with you that Jackie shared in class:

When our minds are in turmoil we are creating turmoil in the world. Basically the concept is that when we create inner peace, there is outer peace; peace within creates peace without “make yourself happy within and you will reflect that happiness outside”. (Swami Rama)

I was searching for some literature on this topic this morning and came across this article. I don’t think that I could have said it or wrote it better myself. Please take some time to read this article; make some tea (I’m having peppermint right now), find a cosy spot and find peace.


Maybe if we all can calm our minds from the inside,  we can create a little peace in the world…

Worth a try for a Tuesday


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