The flexibility myth 

After my car accident it took me a long time to be able to go back and practice yoga and after being away for almost 6 weeks I thought I would never be able to get my practice back to where it was post accident. Probably like many people out there, I have never thought of myself as a flexible person. I cannot bend into a pretzel to save my life and most definitely am not a gymnast!


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I moustache you a question…

We are in the last week of Movember…I’m elated! One more week to survive the scruffiness before I get my clean shaven man back. Its been a great month of growing but I’m really looking forward to a smooth skin kiss on monday!

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I know I said at the beginning of November that I was strictly dedicating this month to moustaches and yoga but I couldn’t resist throwing in one more Spaghetti squash creation before getting into all the Christmas season cooking and baking. So here it is, my latest (and greatest)  Spaghetti squash creation. This was a very simple recipe with lots of delicious flavors and an asian sorta kick to it. Continue reading

Moutaches…A family Affair

Sorry that I missed my weekly moustache update yesterday but Tyler and I were in Edmonton all weekend and I was in a conference all day yesterday. I know you have all be anxiously waiting to see how the MOvember progress is coming along. I’m happy to say that we are over half way there…in fact I’m on the ten day count down as of today!! Yahooo! Here is Tylers latest and greatest picture as well as one with is Dad and Brother in law Mike at dinner this weekend… Lookin’ good boys!

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Ah Friday, you are my favorite day! I thought I would take a quick moment (and when I say quick I mean it because as soon as I post this I am off to yoga) to post this video for some Friday afternoon laughs. Ahhhhh yogis…

I’m off to get my Chakras in line, work on my down dog, pick up some eye shadow for my third eye, HOLLA for my MALA….ugh I need a coconut water!



p.s Happy Friday, get out and do some yoga!

Snow in the city

What can I say, I miss fall. I miss the smell of the leaves and the cool autumn air; the colours of fire that make the earth so bright and complete the circle of change. It seems as though fall as packed its suitcase and headed to Bermuda with a one way ticket. But that’s ok because I’m ready to embrace you winter. Winter means scarves and scarves are cute! We are pretty lucky here in Calgary as we get these lovely chinook clouds that make winter somewhat warm and bearable. Plus all the snow in the city means that its snowing in the mountains and I am definitely ready to pull out the Board and get on some fresh powder. Here are some recent pictures of what Mother Nature has been up to around here…

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Get your Asana in gear!

This week has been the most hectic, low energy, Trena’s got the blues week that I have had in a while. What can I say? I’m human. As much as I would like to sit here and tell you that every day I wake up and my life is sunshine and roses…I would just be lying to you. Sometimes I fall into these little valleys where I let stress get the best of me. I let those dark clouds in and succumb to being irritable and grouchy. I forget to breathe and I eat everything and anything. IT’S HORRIBLE! But I am happy to say that I have snapped out of last week and am ready to start this week with a fresh and positive attitude. I’m dedicating myself to my yoga practice this week and have also decided to start a regular schedule of running.

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Moustache Mondays

I used to love Mondays….until Movember started. After three days of weekend scruffiness, Mondays were the day of a smoothed faced back to work Tyler. I used to look forward to finishing my day at work and going home to receive the best fresh shaven kiss. Today will be another story. It’s been 5 days, here is how he is doing so far…

November 1~ Clean shaven

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T-Rex Chaturanga

I saw this picture and thought that T-rex might not be alone in his dislike for this pose. It’s a hard pose! But not because we have over sized noses and short little arms. I found this amazing article at

and wanted to share it with you all so that we can all have a better understanding of this challenging pose…

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November: dedicated to Yoga and Moustaches

Last night we participated in “Glow Yoga”. This was my first time doing yoga in black light with glow sticks and body paint but it was so much fun and a great way to spend a chilly All Hallows Eve. We arrived early and got all painted up, cracked some glow sticks and helped others get ready for this amazing and fun class. Even Kari’s dog Shanti got painted! (Kari is the owner of The Hot Yoga Lounge)

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