November: dedicated to Yoga and Moustaches

Last night we participated in “Glow Yoga”. This was my first time doing yoga in black light with glow sticks and body paint but it was so much fun and a great way to spend a chilly All Hallows Eve. We arrived early and got all painted up, cracked some glow sticks and helped others get ready for this amazing and fun class. Even Kari’s dog Shanti got painted! (Kari is the owner of The Hot Yoga Lounge)


Shanti Warrior



Warrior One


Warrior Two


Warrior Three


war paint


If you live in Calgary or are coming to visit, this studio comes highly recommended from both Tyler and I. We have been going here faithfully since January of this year and I must say that it has changed my whole perspective on Yoga. I used to think that yoga was just for skinny girls who looked good in black pants. However, I now know that that is not true at all. There are a tonne of health benefits to doing yoga that include losing weight, toning up, and detoxifying. Not to mention the mental aspects of clearing your mind, meditation and balancing your life.

Tyler suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and so for him he finds that it is a good way to release the tension that he feels in his hips and back and that it’s also a healthier alternative to taking a bunch a medicine. (Again, in no way, shape or form and I suggesting that yoga is for everyone or that yoga will cure rheumatoid arthritis, I’m merely just expressing an opinion of what works for Tyler and the health benefits that we both enjoy.) He is the one that got me started doing yoga. I had tried it out sporadically but found that I could never commit because I thought that I just wasn’t good enough.

Since starting this year of yoga, I have learned many things that make me want to keep practicing. The first is that everyone’s skeletal system is different; which means that you may be a very petite person that can bend and twist into a pretzel or you may be a bigger boned person (LIKE ME) and only be able to bend and twist to the capacity of your body. Either way, I’ve learned that this is ok and that no matter how far you are getting into the stretch, if you are feeling it in your body and have the correct form you are still getting all the benefits. I’ve found that I have come a long way from where I was in January to where I am now with certain poses and there are some that I just can’t do (yet) and I’m okay with that. That’s why it’s called a yoga practice. We are constantly practicing.

It’s important to remember that our bodies change every day and so does our balance. Therefore, we can expect our practice to change as well. I’ve decided that November on Trena Ever After is going to be dedicated to Yoga. Giving you updates on my personal practice as well as other helpful information that I gather along the way. I hope that you will find this useful and inspiring to maybe dust off your own practice or start a new journey into the world of Yoga. Whatever level you are at and whether you do hot yoga or regular yoga doesn’t matter…and remember guys it’s not just for woman!

If you can’t commit to yoga financially or don’t have a studio in your area, not to worry there are a tonne of yoga videos online for FREE! I encourage you to visit:

or if you are in the iPhone world there is a great app

So what are you waiting for?? Start getting your yoga on…send me your pictures, leave me your comments, let me know how the month is going for you!

Also, today marks the day that my wonderfully delightful boyfriend Tyler commits to not shaving for a month and growing a Moustache to raise awareness and funds for men’s health and prostate cancer. I will update you of the progress that he is making and if you would like to donate, I have added the link for the Newalta MO BROS

So I guess that’s it for today, happiness and bliss for Thursday!


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