Snow in the city

What can I say, I miss fall. I miss the smell of the leaves and the cool autumn air; the colours of fire that make the earth so bright and complete the circle of change. It seems as though fall as packed its suitcase and headed to Bermuda with a one way ticket. But that’s ok because I’m ready to embrace you winter. Winter means scarves and scarves are cute! We are pretty lucky here in Calgary as we get these lovely chinook clouds that make winter somewhat warm and bearable. Plus all the snow in the city means that its snowing in the mountains and I am definitely ready to pull out the Board and get on some fresh powder. Here are some recent pictures of what Mother Nature has been up to around here…


Lovely Chinook cloud


snowy trees


Canadian Winter

Edmonton sunshine and snow

In Moustache news…

My dear frend Jordan has sent me a picture of his glorious upper lip creation and so as promised here is his Trena Ever After debut…looks good!

Who is this guy?

Here is Tyler on day 13…filling in nicely! (16 days to go…)


Week number 2, we have morphed into handle bars!

Remember if you would like to donate to this cause you can by visiting this website…

To date, his MOBros have raised $6,331.00

Awesome job guys! Way to support mens health!

For all the significant others out there that have hubbies, boyfriends or brothers participating in this amazing fundraiser I hope that you are hanging in there. We are so close to being half way done…UGH!


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