I moustache you a question…

We are in the last week of Movember…I’m elated! One more week to survive the scruffiness before I get my clean shaven man back. Its been a great month of growing but I’m really looking forward to a smooth skin kiss on monday!




Just to update you on the fundraising progress…To date Tyler and his Mobros have raised $11,111.00 for mens health awareness! I hope to see a huge push in donations for this final week…if you would like to support…again you can do so by going to the link below.



Now, onto the goods! Here is my debate…I’m a HUGE Burt Reynolds fan, have been for years (even if you think I’m not old enough to be…I AM~!) However, I also think that Tom Selleck has got it going on with is upper lip creation.

Therefore…I MOUSTACHE you a  question… Burt? or Tom?

*image courtesy of google images

*image courtesy of google images

Let me know your thoughts on who is your favorite moustache man…or if you have another favorite celeb, hubs, boyfriend, brother or friend whom you have been supporting for MOvember please let me know that I’m not alone…3 days to go!


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