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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of Facebook status’ and blogs about how this year just doesn’t “feel” like Christmas. To be honest, I have been feeling this way a little bit myself. I really haven’t put a lot of effort into decorating, shopping, baking or Christ-massing this year as I have in the past. This time of year is always filled with a few tears as I think about my childhood and spending Christmas as a family and  also with my mom as a single parent. We started some pretty un traditional traditions such as eating pizza for breakfast on Christmas morning, making spaceship gingerbread houses and spending time with “our family” that encompassed anyone near and dear to us, blood relative or not. There was always room at our table for anyone who needed a family.

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10 Step Jalapeno Brie Bake

I have always wanted to do a brie bake and since Tyler received one as a gift from Secret Santa I took the opportunity to try it out this weekend~!

What you will need:

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Its the most wonderful time of the year

Its Monday, December 17, 2012…one week before Christmas Eve. Unbelievable to say the least. I have done minimal Christmas shopping, zero decorating and on top of it we are in the middle of trying to buy a condo. To be honest, I haven’t had much time to get into the Christmas spirit but this past weekend was a great start.

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Whats on your list?

My message from the Universe this morning stated:

“Finally, Trena, The official Top Ten spiritual ways to defeat boredom, make friends, find love, trim down, shape up, discover your purpose, make a fortune, and shine your light are…”

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Tis’ the Season of Giving

This past weekend was one that was filled with many happy faces, tears of joy and helping hands as the members of the Kinette Club of Calgary , of which I am one, launched our annual Adopt-A-Family program. This is a program that we run every year to help families in need have a wonderful Christmas. It was such an amazing event and we were able to help almost 200 families receive warm clothes, food and hygiene items that they normally would go without. We also include a few “luxury” items if you will, such as a special toy for a child or sheets for a bed. There are so many moments that filled my heart this past weekend and so many generous donors and volunteers that offered a lot of help to families who truly go without on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few highlights…

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Love is Christmas

I turned on some Christmas tunes this afternoon at work and I was pleasantly entertained by some newer versions of my old  favorite Christmas songs. There were even a few songs that I had never heard before and one in particular that I wanted to share with you…have you heard it?

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Fighting Holiday Fatigue

This time of year can be exhausting and I don’t know about you, but I am counting down the days until we are in Edmonton at Tyler’s parents house and we both can just relax for ten days. 2012 has been a whirlwind of a year for us. Seems like it was a one thing after another, after another, after another kind of year and we couldn’t catch a break on anything. I must say that although it had a rocky start, the year is ending on a fabulous note. Tyler has just recently got an amazing promotion at work and we have just decided to purchase our first home together here in Calgary!! It feels wonderful to know that hard work and patience has paid off and we are both right where we need to be. We are excited to start this new adventure/process and are looking forward to living in our new home shortly into 2013. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how we are doing and when we find our home there will be lots of decorating and DIY going on! Stay tuned for that…

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We’re family, its what we do

The Merry month is among us and I am so sorry that I haven’t had the chance to update you on Tyler’s last day of Movember (I promise if you keep reading I have a good excuse). Here is the updated picture of my handsome man and his stache. Looking good and ready for a shave!


The total amount that Tyler raised was $390.00 for a whopping team total of $14,932. Way to go Newalta Mo Bros! I’m Already looking forward to next year (said no woman…Ever!) All joking aside I am very proud of Tyler for his dedication to this cause and am happy to report that things are back to normal on the facial hair front.

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