We’re family, its what we do

The Merry month is among us and I am so sorry that I haven’t had the chance to update you on Tyler’s last day of Movember (I promise if you keep reading I have a good excuse). Here is the updated picture of my handsome man and his stache. Looking good and ready for a shave!


The total amount that Tyler raised was $390.00 for a whopping team total of $14,932. Way to go Newalta Mo Bros! I’m Already looking forward to next year (said no woman…Ever!) All joking aside I am very proud of Tyler for his dedication to this cause and am happy to report that things are back to normal on the facial hair front.

Now you might think that I’ve been lazy or ignoring you for not posting anything for the past few days. However it is just the opposite! We were actually busy babysitting. Bob and Stacy, who are technically Tyler’s Uncle and Aunt have four of the most fun, active, wonderful and hilarious children I have ever met; we got to spend our weekend with two of them. Michael who is two and Aisling (pronounced ASH-lyn) who is almost 11 months kept us very occupied and sleep deprived but we enjoyed every minute! Here are some highlights with the kids…


Tyler’s phone…Michael probably calling Bolivia…


Aisling always makes sure she checks if someone is watching…


How can you resist this cuteness!!




getting ready for bed…Moustache Free!

After we put the kids to bed on Saturday night, I decided to make popcorn…and got a little carried away! Bob and Stacy have one of those theater popcorn makers and I may have overloaded it…


Popcorn fiasco!

After a fun-filled Saturday and Sunday we were very anxious for mom and dad to return. I was left with the kids for a few hours on Sunday while Tyler went to play hockey and we got the news that Bob and Stacy were on their way! Great news all around…

Fast Forward three hours…

The phone rings and its Stacy. I’m expecting an update that they are close and just wanting to update us. Here is the gist of our conversation..

ME: Hey Stacy how are you?

STACY: We are good

ME: Where are you?

STACY: We are in Saskatoon

ME: Oh what, are you serious? …oh haha you’re joking right?

STACY: No I’m serious, we are putting Bob on a plane and he will be home by seven.

Turns out there was a bunch of freezing rain and horrible road conditions which caused them to turn around about an hour out of Saskatoon.

As I mentioned before they have four kids…Tyler and I knew that Bob would be home that night but he had to go to work the next day. So I offered my services for today to watch the kids while Bob went to work and Stacy made her way home. (which she now is, safe and sound)

Stacy was in tears when I told her that it was no big deal for me to come back today and watch the kids. I told her “we’re family, it’s what we do”.


Michael being a good boy while his sister sleeps…

So that’s been my weekend and start to my week. Surprisingly I got a tonne of work done between stories, naps and smiles and I’m no worse for the wear. This time of year, as the holidays approach, we all get so busy with shopping, baking, decorating etc. etc. etc…the list goes on and on. Please remember to find time to spend with your family and cherish the moments that you have with them.

I’m looking forward to the start of the Christmas season and posting all of the wonderful things that we have going on. Stay tuned…


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