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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of Facebook status’ and blogs about how this year just doesn’t “feel” like Christmas. To be honest, I have been feeling this way a little bit myself. I really haven’t put a lot of effort into decorating, shopping, baking or Christ-massing this year as I have in the past. This time of year is always filled with a few tears as I think about my childhood and spending Christmas as a family and  also with my mom as a single parent. We started some pretty un traditional traditions such as eating pizza for breakfast on Christmas morning, making spaceship gingerbread houses and spending time with “our family” that encompassed anyone near and dear to us, blood relative or not. There was always room at our table for anyone who needed a family.

Mine were never as detailed as this...

Mine were never as detailed as this…

Maybe its the horrific event of 20 sweet, innocent and beautiful Children that were taken so unexpectedly from this world, the seemingly never-ending natural disasters that we can’t control, the (fact) that the world is coming to an end today or that I am missing a part of me that is so special that is causing my spirit to become weakened.

Have we lost all faith in humanity, God’s will or the spirit of Christmas all in one year? Surely that can’t be the case. I know that there are a lot of people out there that are hurting from events that have transpired this year but I always believe that we have a choice in how we deal with what the world throws our way. We have a choice to let our lives become consumed with grief, fear, hatred,sadness, anger and emptiness or the alternatives which are acceptance, courage, forgiveness, joy and happiness.

As you make your way through this hardship or reflect on something that you have endured this year no matter what that may be, I encourage you to take a moment. Let the emotions you feel come into play, let yourself experience pain and suffering. Cry, scream and be angry. And then,  take a moment, rejoice and let it be Christmas. I simply wish the best for all involved.

I found this article that I hope helps restore and give you all a little Faith this holiday season.

~tl 3 days

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