Taking Chances and making Changes

It’s interesting how a persons story changes as they go through life. Two years ago, I was pretty content living in Stony Plain working at a great office as a dental assistant, surrounded by friends and family and a very comfortable life.

Then I met Tyler…

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Pay it Forward…the Creative Way!

I’m sure you have seen this post going around on Facebook and a bunch of other sites that you follow… I got it from OAM and I was chosen as one of the persons to receive a handmade gift. And now, its my turn…

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Dear Self Doubt,

Thank you so much for coming to visit me today in the form of french fries and doughnuts. I bet you think you’re so sneaky! But guess what? I’m stronger than you are. You can’t beat me so don’t even try! I’ll take everything you throw at me and turn it into motivation to work harder and get stronger. So thanks for that…I appreciate you trying to knock me down because it only builds me up and makes me wanna kick your butt even more. Next time you might want to bring your A-game when you try to mess with me because clearly you have failed…



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“Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will” ~Mahatma Gandi~

Invest in yourself

After thinking about my post yesterday and about what inspires me (you) to succeed, I wanted to take the time to offer some inspiration to those of you who are out there and ready to call it quits or perhaps have just hit a wall with your resolutions.

First off, just stop… 

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What inspires you to succeed?

Halfway through January…how are you doing?

So far I’ve managed to stick with my goals and although I am not back out on the running trails…(yet)… I am doing yoga 4+ times a week. I feel great and am starting to get back into a routine. I managed to finally throw out all the junk food that was left over from Christmast; including half a cheesecake! Even though I thought about pulling a Chandler and Rachel, I managed to restrain  myself. Instead, I opted for some lemon detox tea, my book and wool socks, climbed into bed and read for about an hour before dozing off. I felt great today! I was up at 6:00 am and I haven’t hit that wall that normally rears its ugly head right about now. I have a lot of energy and am loving how I feel! We are moving in two weeks which just makess me more dedicated to stay on track Just because life is extremely busy and hectic right now, there is NO EXCUSE!

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moving forward…2013~!

It’s hard to believe that 2013 snuck up on me as quickly as it did! I guess I was just having too much fun saying good-bye to 2012, a year of many challenges and hardships that I’ve realized it’s actually nine days into the New Year…wowza! Many of you have maybe started thinking about resolutions and all things that you are going to QUIT, GIVE UP, RELINQUISH and ABANDON. All those things in your life just you just don’t care about anymore that are weighing you down. You may have even ran out and purchased a shiny new gym membership, committing and promising yourself that this is YOUR YEAR TO GET IN SHAPE.

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Two years, 731 days

As we headed west on Friday afternoon I could hardly contain my excitement knowing in a few short hours we would be out at Emerald Lake relaxing and enjoying a romantic two year anniversary. Tyler had been kept in the dark about this whole trip even though I had dropped a few hints along the way. It took him until we got to Lake Louise to figure out where we were going and what the big surprise was!

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Holiday Reflection

It’s hard to believe that Christmas and New Years have come and gone so quickly and that I am already back at my desk reminiscing about the holiday season. As we went to sleep last night Tyler and I both couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful ten days that we had just had with our Family and friends and how blessed and lucky we are to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

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