Holiday Reflection

It’s hard to believe that Christmas and New Years have come and gone so quickly and that I am already back at my desk reminiscing about the holiday season. As we went to sleep last night Tyler and I both couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful ten days that we had just had with our Family and friends and how blessed and lucky we are to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

We are very fortunate to have Tyler’s mom and dad and sister and brother-in-law law whom spent Christmas with. We had the annual Chinese food dinner on Christmas Eve followed by a wonderful meal on Christmas day. We also got to spend time with my “family” which is a compilation of many amazing and wonderful people. Some of the highlights were football Sunday over at Heidi and Cory’s, a nice salmon lunch at Nana’s, a quick hello at my best friend Amber’s house (wish we could have visited longer) and then out to the farm for a fun-filled boxing day that included tobogganing, playing cards and sharing some laughs.


We were home less than 24 hours before hitting the road again. This time heading to Invermere to spend the rest of the year with our friends Heidi and Cory and a crew of 16 other people.

Tyler and I enjoyed a day on the slopes with sunshine and blue skies for the most part. My first time out boarding this season and I was definitely a little rusty. We had a blast none the less and I am looking forward to getting out a few more times this year. In the days leading up to the end of the year there were so many laughs, drinks and good times shared. Highlights were football Sunday, Kelly having five naps in one night, drinks in the hot tub , tobogganing with the kids, girls lunch at the Blue Dog cafe, SHOPPING!!!!, playing board games, and spending time just relaxing!


That's a Cory Pour!!

That’s a Cory Pour!!

For New Years Eve Heidi had planned a Vegas style murder mystery for us all to play which was so much fun and a night that I will never forget! We all got dressed up and into our characters around 7:30 and then fun didn’t stop until about 5:00 AM!! We enjoyed a delicious cheese and meat fondu as well as the gambling tables at the “Paramount Casino” that night. Ronald Trump and Nicole “Cole” Conway (Cory and Heidi) were great hosts! Too bad my two timing husband Ace High (Kelly) was murdered just before dinner! I didn’t miss him too much tho because I found out that he was two timing me with Mimi Martini ( Laura) As Hailey Hustler, I had to watch my back constantly to make sure that Security Sam (Scott) wasn’t watching too closely! The bartender Mr. Jim Bean (Matt) kept the drinks cold and full while we were entertained by Paul Piano (Tyler), Lucy Legs ( Calinda) and of course Elvis (Rob) himself! The blackjack table got going after dinner where I spent all of my riches before I was convicted of Murder! (He had it coming lol).

IMG_4907 IMG_4918 IMG_4917 IMG_4936 IMG_4921 IMG_4942 IMG_4948 IMG_4920 IMG_4911

Shortly before midnight the champagne was popped and we counted down into 2013 with Auld Lang Syne playing in the background. We played blackjack, had a conga line going and sang Karaoke into the wee hours of the morning before the house settled down for the night. Again, so many laughs!!!

We headed home in the early afternoon on New Years Day and as we were almost in Banff I exclaimed to Tyler ” Oh my goodness, we move in one month into our NEW HOME!!”. Not that I had forgotten that we had just made the most significant purchase of our lives but with everything going on over the holidays, I guess it just got pushed to the back burner! We move in less than a month and I am definitely on the countdown…

In the meantime, I am back at work today. A nice short work week before Tyler and I are off again on Friday for a romantic getaway… where are we going you ask?? Can’t tell…its a secret! But I’ll be sure to update you and let you in on the big surprise once we get back. I’m looking forward to this trip and plan to do some blog catch up to let you know what I have in store for you in 2013. It’s already been such an amazing year for me as I continue my journey; and to all of you who stopped by over the holidays even though I wasn’t here, I thank you so much for your support.



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