Two years, 731 days

As we headed west on Friday afternoon I could hardly contain my excitement knowing in a few short hours we would be out at Emerald Lake relaxing and enjoying a romantic two year anniversary. Tyler had been kept in the dark about this whole trip even though I had dropped a few hints along the way. It took him until we got to Lake Louise to figure out where we were going and what the big surprise was!

…A week earlier we were skiing in Panorama and we were going up the chairlift that was swinging quite a bit and he looked a little nervous. I asked him how scared of heights he was and he said VERY!  Sneakily, I asked him if  he had ever been in a helicopter…he said no. Then I asked how scared he would be to go on a helicopter ride (if he ever got the chance, lol) and he said he would be fine…I let out a huge sigh of relief knowing that the following weekend would be perfect and he was still clueless that I had already booked a helicopter ride over the Icefields the following weekend.

As we drove up the solitary road that winds its way to Emerald Lake Lodge in the darkness, I looked out my window at all the trees that were beautifully covered with fresh fallen snow and a calming feeling took over my body. There is an overnight parking at the base of the lodge where a shuttle bus comes to take you up to the accommodations as you cannot actually park up at the lodge and once we arrived at the main lodge, it was if we had been transported to Switzerland! (or what I would think Switzerland would look like as I’ve never been there). Everything was decorated for Christmas and the  little cabins along the lake looked like gingerbread houses surrounded by huge spruce trees that reached up to an endless starry sky; it was an absolute dream! Our room was quaint with a king sized bed, stone fireplace and no TV. Yes, I said it NO TV, in fact there was no internet or any sort of electronic devices on the premises to be seen! To be honest it was such a relief to be completely turned off the whole weekend (minus a few Facebook status updates from the road) and to see people engaging in real conversation, enjoying outdoor activities and simply just being.

After a glass of wine and the best roasted red pepper soup we have ever tasted, it was off to sleep with the smell and sound of a crackling fire looming in the background.


We woke up early and after a scrumptious breakfast of eggs Benedict and banana bread french toast we were off for a once in a lifetime adventure. Arriving at Icefield Heli tours just after lunch and were soon joined by two other couples who would be joining us for the flight. After a safety briefing, group weigh in, and photo-op I was asked if I would like to sit in the front!!! I jumped at the opportunity and was soon escorted to my “co pilot” chair. I met our awesome pilot Dan and as soon as the others were seated we were off!!


Love of my life






View from the top


After some breath-taking views, we touched down about 20 minutes later near a creek bed. We walked along a trail until we came to a frozen waterfall site; the perfect backdrop for a glass of champagne and a nice warm fire. We chatted with the other couples, shared some laughs and took some photos before heading back to the helicopter and heading back to the landing pad.




Waterfall background

…more breath-taking views; one of my favorites is captured below, can you believe I took this picture??????



Pilot and Co Pilot

Tyler and I loved every minute of this adventure…the first of many to come in 2013~



Relaxing by the fire


Looking out to the lake



All too soon we were back at the lodge where we enjoyed a bit of a rest before heading to the dining room for a romantic dinner to celebrate the last two years of our relationship. I cannot believe that I have been with this wonderful man for two years already! Although most days it feels like ten ( in a good way), I find myself learning more and more about him and falling more in love with him everyday. Its wonderful!


Happy 2 years togehter


As the weekend came to a close and we found ourselves back in the real world, we’ve realized a few things…

~The best way of life is to be; simply be

~Being in nature makes us both very happy and at peace

~We are both so lucky to have each other

The past two years have been amazing and we are both looking forward to what 2013 has in store for us…


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  1. What a beautiful venue in which to celebrate your love. I wish you continued happiness, endless adventures, laughter, and love that only keeps growing. You make a stunning couple…Happy New Year! xo

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