moving forward…2013~!

It’s hard to believe that 2013 snuck up on me as quickly as it did! I guess I was just having too much fun saying good-bye to 2012, a year of many challenges and hardships that I’ve realized it’s actually nine days into the New Year…wowza! Many of you have maybe started thinking about resolutions and all things that you are going to QUIT, GIVE UP, RELINQUISH and ABANDON. All those things in your life just you just don’t care about anymore that are weighing you down. You may have even ran out and purchased a shiny new gym membership, committing and promising yourself that this is YOUR YEAR TO GET IN SHAPE.

Pardon my use of SHOUTY CAPITALS…but that used to be me. The New Year would roll around and I would make all of these promises and commitments to myself that I would do all these things, that I would give up fast food and I would workout 8 days a week and not drink alcohol for 6 months and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I think that its  great to want to start fresh and give up all the things from previous years that may or may not have had meaning in your life and if you are a resolution maker and stay true to what you resolved then I give you full credit. But if your like me, February rolls around and I’ve probably ate McDonald’s at least twice, drank a few glasses of wine with the girls and my running shoes are collecting dust in the corner.

This year I have decided that the term “Give Up” will not be used for the changes that I am going to make in my life. I refuse to give up anything, I refuse to quit and I will not abandon any part of my life. This year is all about goals my personal achievements and adding joy and happiness to everything that I do.  If you remember a few posts back I had started making my list for 2013…here is a longer version…

The beginning:

  1. ~ run a 10km race in under an hour and train for a half marathon (date to be determined)-  not under an hour but three races completed this year.

  2. ~ to complete a 30 day yoga challenge (October 2013)

  3. ~take a long road trip without making a plan

  4. ~ make more time for me

  5. ~turn 29 in VEGAS  (to see why this didn’t happen go here

  6. ~reach 1,000 blog followers

  7. ~ create three of my own recipes

  8. ~ be grateful for one thing EVERY DAY

  9. ~ buy our first home together (can’t wait babe!)

  10. ~ perform 5 acts of creative kindness this year

  11. ~ travel to a different city for a concert (October 2013- Edmonton)

  12. ~ have a vacation on a beach ( mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica!) (thailand Dec 19th- Jan 10th)

  13. ~ be true and dedicated to my commitments (social, physical, self)

  14. ~ Atend 80 or more yoga classes ( last year I did 65!) – total for 2013 was 93

  15. ~ read at least ten books (total was 7)

  16. ~ complete at least three DIY projects for our house (one down, two to go)

  17. ~ Visit my farm 5 times this year- made it out 4 times

  18. ~ move into our new home

  19. ~ attend an NFL game (September 2013)

  20. ~take dance lessons with Tyler

  21. ~ watch a movie at a drive in theatre

  22. ~ attend a yoga retreat

  23. ~ become a vegetarian ( or adopt a more vegetarian way of eating)

  24. ~ hike three trails this summer

  25. ~ attempt back country camping with Tyler

  26. ~ golf 20 games

  27. ~ start planning a trip to Europe for 2014

  28. ~ finish three courses for school (Two down)

  29. ~ chair an event with the Kinette Club

  30. ~ canoe on Lake Louise

  31. ~ go snowboarding somewhere I’ve never been before

  32. ~ start taking Spanish Lessons (i’ve got the book, just need to start)

  33. ~ visit the first Starbucks in Seattle (September 2013)

  34. ~ spend more time with my dad/ have a father daughter day

  35. ~ Practice meditation on a weekly basis…if not daily

What are some things on your list that you want to achieve this year??

If you are attempting to make changes to your lifestyle how are you going about it?

Cold turkey? Gradually?

Looking at this list makes me a little nervous but also very excited for all the things that 2013 has to offer! I look forward to hearing about some of the things you are going to achieve this year and be great at….let’s be amazing together!

 “There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them”

Charles D. Gill

 As always I love hearing from you and look forward to reading whats in store for you…


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