Pay it Forward…the Creative Way!

I’m sure you have seen this post going around on Facebook and a bunch of other sites that you follow… I got it from OAM and I was chosen as one of the persons to receive a handmade gift. And now, its my turn…

Creative pay it forward. So here is the deal, I would like to make some fun surprises for my friends and followers. The first 10 people to comment on this post will get something handmade from me shipped to your home sometime in 2013. It will be something special just for you. But those 10 people must post a similar status promising to do 5 random acts of creative kindness this year. Please post your address as well or if you would like to email me your home address please do at

Subject Line: Creative Pay it Forward 2013

I have some pretty great ideas for this project and am looking forward to see who actually comments and posts this on their blog! Don’t forget to sign up and follow along on Trena Ever After. I truly appreciate all the support from all of you blog lovelies and email subscribers! Lately its been overwhelming how many of you are reading and how many interesting blogs I am coming across daily!

Thanks again to all of you, have a lovely day!


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