Its been a long five weeks since we signed our official documents and purchased our condo. Five weeks of packing, cleaning, purging, emailing and signing…four days of being in limbo, three full vehicles of stuff, two broken dishes and one fight (over putting together our Ikea desk)…

we are finally in!!

even though we are still getting used to where things are… especially the  light switches…

we are finally in!!


We owe a HUGE thank you to Tyler’s parents who came down from Edmonton to help us, his grandparents who put us up for two nights in their condo building and our friend Shane for helping us out with everything. Lastly, we could not have made this happen without our two lovely realtors and mortgage broker…we love you gals!

I promise that I will post more pictures as we get settled and I start decorating but in the meantime here are a few teasers of the mess…

!~Offiicially Homeowner~!

Master Bedroom


spare room

I’m loving the new place already and am writing this from the comfort of our new and improved Master Bedroom while Tyler watches the Oiler game ALL the way down the hall in the living room~! Haha I know, I know, nine hundred sq feet doesn’t seem like much. But compared to our teeny tiny apartment, it’s a mansion!

Let the unpacking and housewarming begin…oh…and wine drinking…did I mention the wine drinking?



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