Home Sweet Home

Our first weekend in our new home!

We have unpacked almost all of the boxes and reorganized things mmmm I’d say  about 50 times…okay, maybe not quite that many times, but it sure feels like it! All unpacking aside, we did find some time this weekend to put our feet up to relax and enjoy being at home.

On Saturday, along with a lovely bouquet Pink Asiatic Lillies, I was greeted with homemade cinnamon french toast with fresh strawberries and maple syrrup…this was a wonderful and delicious surprise! These lillies are my favorite! They smell so delicious every time I walk by them I  get into a Spring mood.  Tyler always buys them with only one in bloom so that they last longer and I am always greeted by one or two more that bloom everyday.


This was the picture I took today with a few more that opened….


I love our home and really think that it’s the perfect place for us. The only downfall  is that I am without a plug-in in our bathroom… If you know me and how much I love my hair, you obviously realize what a crisis this is for me!!! LOL. No room to blow dry, curl or straighten anything! I’ve been managing by running an extension cord from our bedroom into the bathroom and one morning actually got ready in our hallway, straining my neck to see the pull out Ikea mirror that the previous tenants so generously (NOT) left us…Its been a bit of a tough go and there have been lots of ponytail days around here…Until this weekend when I picked up this little gem!

20130211-163620.jpgMy new vanity that will soon become a part of my morning ritual and be  the first of many DIY projects that I hope to complete this year is a circa 1930s dresser that I picked up off kijiji for a steal!  I plan of refinishing her with some nice Annie Sloan chalk paint and sprucing it up to match the new Vintage french decor that has taken over our bedroom… looking forward to getting started on this project and will definitely get some pictures up when its finished.

In the meantime…the packing and organizing still prevails for the time being. We are going to be working away at getting things all settled this upcoming weekend and I will get some lovely photos on here soon…

Hope your monday was splendid…if you have any vintage vanity/dresser ideas please feel free to share, as always I love hearing from you…


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