Toupee for a day

On March 6,2013 (a mere 13 days away! ) I will be participating in an amazing fundraiser called Toupee for a Day where I will be wearing a



that has been created using 10 different colors of “hair”. The colors represent a variety of awareness ribbons including pink for breast cancer, yellow for bone cancer, blue for colon cancer and lavender for supporters…just to name a few!

Whether you are a survivor, on the sidelines as a supporter or have lost a loved one to this unfortunate disease we all know someone who has been affected by cancer.

It is my personal goal to raise $300.00 and my Kinette Club of Calgary’s Team goal to raise $1,000. I would honestly like to blow this number out of the water and hope that you will help in supporting me.

 I will be wearing my Toupee all day at the University of Calgary (I’m in a course that day) and hope to run into other people who are putting it on for the ones that they love. Of course I will be taking pictures throughout the day and will post them on here along with the total amount of money that was raised.


How can you help??

I’m not asking for a million dollars, just a small donation of any amount would be great!

Please go to the link below…

Find my name, Trena Marthaller

Click on it and donate

It’s really just that simple!

Any donation over $20.00 will be eligible for a tax receipt and will be emailed to you asap

I appreciate your support for this great cause and I am looking forward to wearing my Toupee for a day


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