Wednesday Wisdom

What a whirlwind of a week its been! As February winds down and we are starting to see many signs of spring around here I find myself getting anxious for the changing seasons and warmer weather. I love the transition of the seasons from winter to spring as it makes me think of new beginnings when everything wakes up and the world starts to thrive again. It also means that  I’ll be planting flowers and starting my herb garden out on the balcony very soon~

But in the meantime I’ve spent the week focusing on practicing a few

principles of The Yoga Code; Satya (truthfulness) and Sanatosha (Contentment).

Many times over the last week there have been moments of stress, moments of anxiety and moments of doubt. Moments that seem to take control over my life and pull me away from Satya; truthfulness. Sometimes its hard to step away from those lies and fibs that we are telling ourselves in order to find what is true. But by simply asking myself “IS THIS TRUE??”of course the answer I always get is no.

This reminds me of a compass and the terms “True” north and “Magnetic” north. In life there are always going to be things that pull at us and those moments of hesitation where you veer away from what is true… this it “magnetic” north, it’s always changing and wanting to lead you astray. If we are constantly living our lives this way it can be easy to get off track and lose sight of our “True” North. I’ve been looking at my list  that I created for this year and have been asking myself if I can truly complete everything that is on it. The TRUTHFUL answer that I came to was no. After some thought and practice of Sanatosha, I realized that I will indeed not be turning 29 in Vegas this year (maybe I’ll try turning 29 again next year tho…lol).

When I was looking at my list and the things that I am going to complete this year, Vegas just didn’t seem to fit in and there was something that was missing; making me feel unsettled and the farthest thing from content.

So I’m taking it off the list. Which I feel perfectly content with.

I’m not sure what it needs to be replaced with, perhaps nothing. As they year goes on, I’m grateful for the things that I am currently achieving that are on my list as it reminds me to keep my compass pointed towards “True” north. It also reminds me to find joy and happiness with the things that I am doing right now and to not get too focused on what the future holds.

Tomorrow is indeed a new day, but don’t wish away all your todays

shanti, shanti, shanti


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