Bust a Move for your boobs!

This past weekend was another great one for the boobs…um I mean books!

I participated in BAM (Bust a Move) , a 6 hour workout extravaganza in support of womans breast health and Alberta`s cancer free movement. Not knowing what to expect for an early Saturday morning, my friend Heidi and I doning our supportive Pink gear made our way to the Edmonton Expo Centre with about 350 other women and 50 very brave men (who were also donned in pink) and prepared ourselves to Bust a Move!

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Its Spring…Sorta…

After yesterdays beautiful +15 degree (celsius) day, I had high hopes of putting the winter blues behind me and moving forward towards planting flowers, wearing rain boots, and getting back on the running trails permanently. However, Mother Nature always seems to have other plans when it comes to Alberta weather and we have a saying that always holds true

” If you don’t like the weather in Alberta, wait 5 minutes”

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St. Patty’s Day…Photo contest!

This year for St. Patty’s Day we were invited out with some of our good friends to share in some Irish Stew and of course green beer! Along the way some very fun pictures were taken that started what I am now naming:

“The Great St. Patty’s Day Photo Debate!”

The debate started over two pictures that were taken. One was taken and photo shopped by me, and the other was taken and photo shopped by our friend Josh. Obviously I thought my picture was better, but Tyler and Josh thought that Josh had me beat! So we put it out on Facebook where I took a huge leap (and am still in the lead with “likes”). Tyler thought that was unfair as I have more friends that he does on Facebook.

So I’m putting the votes in your hands Blog world…

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Nutrition Mission

At the start of this year I made a bucket list. One of the things that I put on the list was to become a vegetarian or adopt a more vegetarian way of eating. Initially this was something that I thought I would try for a few weeks, get bored with and move on from. I also thought that there would be a huge lack in the variety of things I could eat and the other impossibility that crossed my mind, was how on earth was I ever going to get Tyler to eat this way!?!?!

We are now on day ten of The Plan…see more about that here… and I would say we are eating 85% vegetarian.

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Cooking to Cleanse

I know that you have probably been wondering where all my delicious kitchen delights have disappeared to and that you are all probably thinking that I just gave up on cooking completely. On the contrary I have actually been cooking up a storm these past couple of weeks.

Tyler and I started “The Plan” which is a book about how the foods you are eating are causing inflammation within your body. The focus is on an anti inflammatory diet and eating foods that your body uses in a positive way. At first I was skeptical about how the diet works and if/how it could possibly work to decrease inflammation. I myself have suffered with internal digestive problems for years and after reading this book and following the meal plan (We are on Day Seven today) have noticed how much better my digestion has been. Tyler, who suffers from acid reflux and also has Rheumatoid Arthritis ( which is a systemic inflammatory disorder) hasn’t had one bit of reflux this week nor any flare ups from his arthritis.

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Toupee Day!

 This was such a great day!

I had a lot of people give me some pretty funny looks and a few people who were curious as to what I was wearing on my head…to which I kindly responded with the information about Toupee for a day.

Congrats to the Kinette Club of Calgary for raising $510.00 as a team

and for everyone who helped support this amazing event you helped raise

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Forgettable Monday…

Is it Monday?

I’ve just had one of those days where I have seriously forgotten everything…

I’m in a course all week at the UofC (downtown campus) so my daily routine for the whole week is completely different then what I am used to. I get to sleep in a teeny-weensy bit later than usual and I also get to use my feet as my transportation. Which I normally would be thrilled at except for the fact that Calgary got a mega load of snow yesterday wreaking havoc on everyone’s Monday morning. I left the house with enough time to get to the University and was pleasantly surprised that it was quite mild and refreshing out. I was enjoying being apart of the morning hustle and bustle until I went to cross the street and stepped in a huge puddle.

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