Forgettable Monday…

Is it Monday?

I’ve just had one of those days where I have seriously forgotten everything…

I’m in a course all week at the UofC (downtown campus) so my daily routine for the whole week is completely different then what I am used to. I get to sleep in a teeny-weensy bit later than usual and I also get to use my feet as my transportation. Which I normally would be thrilled at except for the fact that Calgary got a mega load of snow yesterday wreaking havoc on everyone’s Monday morning. I left the house with enough time to get to the University and was pleasantly surprised that it was quite mild and refreshing out. I was enjoying being apart of the morning hustle and bustle until I went to cross the street and stepped in a huge puddle.

~Soaked right foot for the day…CHECKMARK!

But I trucked on as I didn’t want to be late. Clearly the campus had got the memo that it was going to be cold out today and cranked up the heat because as I arrived and opened the door, a heat wave was there to greet me. I started sweating immediately and as I entered my class I probably looked like I had just ran a marathon.

~Sweaty, gross, clammy feeling all day…CHECKMARK!

I got myself settled. Plugged in the laptop and started to feel better about the day. Just as class was about to begin I looked in my lunchbag (dreaming about enjoying my Carrot Ginger soup) and realized I had forgotten all my cutlery at home. Thank goodness I had finally started to cool down and at break decided I wanted a tea. McDonald’s was the closest so I popped in there and ordered a ” Large green tea, one fork and one spoon please”. The cashier just laughed to herself but obliged my request.

~Making a complete stranger smile…CHECKMARK!

The day went by relatively quick and painless and I was grateful to be heading home early…until I started walking and realized I forgot my keys!

~Having a total cliché blond moment…CHECKMARK!

Now that I have completed this absolutely ridiculous checklist…

Monday you can take a hike.


I’ll be at Waves Coffee, looking at our building until further notice.


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