St. Patty’s Day…Photo contest!

This year for St. Patty’s Day we were invited out with some of our good friends to share in some Irish Stew and of course green beer! Along the way some very fun pictures were taken that started what I am now naming:

“The Great St. Patty’s Day Photo Debate!”

The debate started over two pictures that were taken. One was taken and photo shopped by me, and the other was taken and photo shopped by our friend Josh. Obviously I thought my picture was better, but Tyler and Josh thought that Josh had me beat! So we put it out on Facebook where I took a huge leap (and am still in the lead with “likes”). Tyler thought that was unfair as I have more friends that he does on Facebook.

So I’m putting the votes in your hands Blog world…

Please vote and tell me which picture is going to win! Just for fun!!

Picture #1

Picture #2

Hope you all celebrated in your best green fashion with a pint or two and had a wonderful St. Patty’s day~!


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