Its Spring…Sorta…

After yesterdays beautiful +15 degree (celsius) day, I had high hopes of putting the winter blues behind me and moving forward towards planting flowers, wearing rain boots, and getting back on the running trails permanently. However, Mother Nature always seems to have other plans when it comes to Alberta weather and we have a saying that always holds true

” If you don’t like the weather in Alberta, wait 5 minutes”

Alberta has one of the most unpredictable forecasts in all of Canada and I’m pretty sure that Calgary is the most unpredictable city in Alberta so that means we get a double dose. Since moving to Calgary, there have been numerous days where I have literally experienced all four seasons, sometimes in the span of twenty minutes! Sure makes it hard to decide if you should pack your flips flops and wear your snowboots or the other way around. *Sigh, Welcome to March, and pretty much any other time of the year.

Today is a complete 360 of what yesterday was. We are experiencing wet, slushy snow, dreary grey skies, and of course…its windy. Spring has sprung. Or so it seems. Below is a much more accurate chart of what the seasons here in Alberta really look like:


*image courtesy of google images

I’m optimistic that Mother Nature will get her act together. In the meantime…


*image courtesy of google images

On a more positive note the results from the St. Patty’s day photo contest were very close and ended up with it being picture #2 (but not by much).

Thanks for participating in some good ol’ fashioned fun and helping us out!


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