Pure yoga bliss

Last week, I was really struggling with getting my butt to yoga. I was tired, cranky and well, just plain being lazy. I did manage however to pull myself off the couch, throw on my yoga clothes and drag myself to the studio. It was an off balanced practice for me and of course I let myself get the better of myself and began to lose focus about half way through the class. I managed to pull it together to finish off with some strong poses but by that time I was just ready for Shavasana. I lied down feeling disappointed in myself about not having a strong practice. We were told that we were in for a surprise during our final resting pose when all of sudden the sound of an acoustic guitar started to fill the room and a beautiful voice starts singing “All You Need is Love” followed by “Imagine”.

As I lied there focusing on my breathing I starting to realize that it doesn’t matter what happens during practice because you can always find love in your Shavasana. I had wasted a bunch of energy focusing on what I couldn’t do during class when I should have been focusing on honoring my body and loving myself. Yoga isn’t about comparing yourself to anyone, it is about loving yourself and always staying true to your practice. As I lied in the dark, quiet room surrounded by the amazing musical stylings of a fellow yogi, I felt more relaxed and content with my practice.

It is said over and over that Shavasana is the most rewarding albeit hardest pose in yoga. I believe that it is the most important pose of all as it allows your body to shed any built up tensions and let go of any exertions from practice. Its a time to calm your mind and let go. One hundred percent of the time I always feel better after a good dose of hot yoga.

Find Peace. Sweet Shavasana, love yourself. Always find love.



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