Being a follower

Lately the overwhelming amount of support that trenaeverafter has been receiving has made me reach out into the blog community and start following many other blogs. I have made it my goal to find at LEAST three new blogs a week (although I always find way more) to start following.

Why its important to follow other blogs:

  1. Its better to give than to receive.

  2. Be informed~ there is so much information out there… when I get a “follow” on my blog, I want to immediately see who has taken the time to stop by and visit me. This almost always leads me to wander around to many of my followers followers and so on and so on.

  3. Following is like a business card~ it exposes your name, gets it out there and lets people know that you stopped by their site for a visit.

  4. Following begets followers~ the more you follow, the more followers you are sure to get

  5. Its cool (to be a follower)~ everyone is doing it, jump on board and start following! Follow me, follow Meg Adams, follow whomever!

  6. Its easy! ~ Get on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, instagram, tumblr, google+…find the follow button…BAM! Following complete.

  7. Create a community~ there are probably a few like-minded individuals out there that are supporting the same cause or blogging about similar interests…follow along and get to know each other.

  8. Affirmation~ seeing that there are people who are actually reading what you are writing… maybe they are even “liking” and “commenting”…Sure makes me feel good!

  9. Growth~ the more people you have on board the bigger and better your ideas will become…the sky is the limit, but why stop there?

  10. It’s fun and exciting…see picture below!

Basically I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to be a follower… get on board the following train. Go on, what are you waiting for???

*image courtesy of Google Images*

*image courtesy of Google Images*


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