Great friends, Great food

This weekend along with going on our first date in our year of dates ( you can read more about that here…) we also had our first housewarming party! Our condo is about 900 sq feet and so we decided that instead of throwing one big party that would be uncomfortable and crowded in a smaller space we would host several “mini” house-warmings for our family and friends. To get the part(ies) started we decided to invite two other couples over for dinner and drinks with the possibility of hitting 17th ave after. We live in a really trendy area in Calgary just off 17th ave SW nicknamed “The Red Mile” that is filled with pubs, restaurants and plenty of nightlife so it makes it easy to head out for a few drinks on a Saturday night.

Table was set for 6 which is the most people that we have ever hosted in the condo thus far.



On the menu…

Flatbread appetizer. I got the idea over at Nuts&Bolts. Find her recipe here

I made two different kinds for mine. Same idea but instead of roasted garlic and onion jam, I used

roasted red pepper jelly and bacon marmalade (Yes, I said bacon!)




Lemon dill Salmon


Grilled Zucchini and Asparagus and Bocconcini Vegetable Salad

and for Dessert…



Pie from the Log Barn~! YUMMY!

The usual suspects…

IMG_5206 IMG_5208

Later in the evening we were joined by some more friends, Jordan and his girlfriend Michelle. We ended up staying in and Tyler and I both agreed that it was probably one of the best nights we have had in a long time. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and there were certainly a lot of laughs that were had…see pictures above!

Our condo is definitely starting to feel like home and I am so happy to be able to share it with our friends! Looking forward to having many more good times in the near future. Thanks to all our wonderful people in our lives for making the evening so much fun… you guys are the best!


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