Where will you be in ten years?

Last night was watching a re-run of the Oprah show about people who had either been on the show or in some way had interacted with Oprah in 2002. She was highlighting where those people are now…ten (eleven) years later.

Which got me thinking…

Where or what do I want to be in ten years?

Shortly after I finished my coaching program with Jackie Dumaine I made a goals sheet for myself that included a few short-term and a few long-term goals. It was a very basic, very brief overview of things that weren’t too far outside the box; things that I thought I could easily try to achieve. Things like having a successful HSE Career, getting married, buying a house, having kids…all pretty normal and standard goals in life ( in my opinion).

However, since I was little I have always felt a passion, a fire, an uncontrollable outburst of energy and strength, like I was put on this Earth to do something greater.

Something magnificent, profound, meaningful.

(stay tuned for more…)

I certainly have been through Hell and back in the last ten years so I am not about to sit by and watch the next ten years slip away without making my mark on this Earth.

It’s just not going to happen.

In ten years Starting today I will:

Be a leader. Be a writer. Be a believer. An achiever. A person of interest. A gourmet cook. A decent gardener. A DIYer. A wine connoisseur. Be Strong. Be creative. Be Spiritual. Be amazed. Be inspired. Be inspirational.Be a Runner. Just Be.

This is going to be fun…


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