A Weekend of Awakening… and so much more

After a wonderful weekend away I have returned with a lighter heart, fuller soul and clearer mind. I am awake and alive. I feel enlightened and ready for what the Universe has in store for me.

When I wrote that I wanted to attend a yoga retreat on my 2013 bucket list, I didn’t actually plan to do it around the time of my mom’s five-year anniversary. Looking back I think it was the perfect coincidence.

It was so refreshing to just get away from the city. My phone was shut off and I was away from the internet and distractions that I frequently make a priority in my life. I began to notice things about myself that weren’t there  before and starting to find the ME that I had misplaced and forgotten about.

I also met 15 of the most wonderful and inspiring women whom I now call friend. I appreciate every single one of you and feel honored to have shared in this journey with you. I know that there are more memories, laughs and tears to be had.

The world is alive; but still 

The River runs through my soul

I am alive; but still 

I am at peace


These words just came to me at different moments during the weekend and then all came together in a perfect poetic way. It’s amazing how open the mind becomes when it is not distracted with monkey chatter and daily distractions that we are so used to having in our lives day after day.

I am not going to give you too much details of the retreat itself because I feel that I would be robbing you of your own experience. But I will say this, if you are interested or have even thought for second that you would like to attend a yoga retreat or any sort of retreat for that matter… DO IT!

What are you waiting for??


Field, BC

IMG_5458 IMG_5466 IMG_5467

Lovely Mama Dumaine

Lovely Mama Dumaine



Misty Morning Good-Bye

I am looking forward to attending at least one retreat a year as a way of practicing Ahimsa to myself.


For more information on the Weekend of Awakening being held in October (Last retreat of the year…) Please visit http://www.jackiedumaine.com/events/



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