Livin’ on a Prayer

The other night Tyler and I were watching a program on National Geographic called“The 80’s: The Decade that Made Us” a mini series taking us through the decade that we both grew up in. From iconic pop stars like Madonna, fashion trends such as Jane Fonda’s spandex and Member’s Only Jackets to entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Ted Turner (who created CNN and the idea of 24 hour news) and finally, Ronald Reagan’s U.S Presidency and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, the 80’s were definitely a time for the people.

I can’t help but feel nostalgic and lucky to have caught the tail end of the 80’s as a 6-year-old and also a little jealous of all of you who had the fine opportunity to experience it as a teenager or young adult. Watching this program brought back a flood of memories and moments that truly are a part of history.

So why all of a sudden do I feel tied to this decade? Well, I have an 80’s event coming up and have been researching different trends and things that  were popular in the 80’s.

Taking a look back makes me think of a simpler time where we would get on our bikes and not be seen or heard from until the street lights came on. We played all day with our imaginations, not with our cell phones. I remember wearing a fanny pack, leg warmers, neon and I definitely had a perm! Those were the days…


My big brother in blue, myself in red

For more, take a look here…

80 greatest 80’s Fashion trends

Members Only Jackets 

History of Tetris 

Tear Down This Wall 

I encourage you all to check out the documentary for a true walk down memory lane and the true impact that the 80’s had on the world we live in today…


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