Baseball Break-in

On Monday night I was back into the ‘swing of things after having been away from the ball fields for a few weeks. The sun was shining and other than the enormous amount of mosquitos, it was a pretty decent night for ball. We play at Optimist Park in Calgary and park our vehicles on the south side of the diamonds, within eyes view, but out of the reach of a home run. We finished the night with two wins and when I got back to my vehicle I noticed that there was something that looked like ice all over the front passenger seat of our SUV. I immediately thought that our vehicle had been hit by a ball but was soon in tears to discover that it had indeed been broken into.

My wallet and cell phone, victims of theft.

I took the usual steps and necessary precautions to cancel all my cards, report the break in to insurance and file a police report before heading home with a disappointed and saddened heart. I never thought something like this could ever happen to me, especially while my  vehicle was in such close vicinity. But it did.

This situation has taught me three things

1. I am not invisible. Meaning, that just because I think something will never happen to me doesn’t mean that it won’t

2. How humbling life can be. Instead of raising and big stink and getting angry at the person (or persons) that did this to me, I chose to be grateful to have to replace all my cards, licence, birth certificate etc. I mean, it’s a great life skill to know how to do all that stuff right?

3. A bad situation always looks better after a good cry and a good night sleep.

Luckily by some grace of God…

my wallet was returned to me the next day! The police called us at 6:00 am to say that they had found my wallet downtown on a bridge and returned it right to my home. How lucky I am I??? However, the best part about all of this is that not one thing was stolen out of it! (except .37 cents and some old business cards) My credit card, debit cards, birth certificate, sin card and all my other cards were all there… I know, I know, I shouldn’t be carrying all that stuff around with me in the first place and believe me LESSON LEARNED.

~Image courtesy of Google Images

~Image courtesy of Google Images

Thanks to the members of The Kodak’s (my team) for helping me out and thanks everyone for all the messages and kind words. Thankfully no one was hurt and other than a cell phone I am not having to replace my life.

All is Good


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