No Place Like Home

Has it really been three weeks since we were hit with all the horrible flooding in Southern      Alberta? We were hardly affected by the floods other than loosing our power for a week and our hearts go out to those that are still displaced and have lost all or most of their possessions.

After getting things sorted  around home we were off to Edmonton to spend a week with family and friends. We enjoyed pitching horseshoes at the 35th Annual Horseshoe Tournament, golfing in the wonderful July heat and relaxing with a few beverages on a few patios.  I also got in my first 5km race at the Color me Rad race in Edmonton. It was a bit of a struggle with all the  color bombs being thrown at you but a really enjoyable race non the less.


Rad Outfits!

After a week away we returned home to find Calgary’s spirits lifted and the Stampede in full swing. We spent the week participating in various events including pancake breakfasts, bbqs and Nashville North.




In between all off the hustle and bustle of the last three weeks I have also managed to land a brand spanking new job in my field of health and safety. Starting on Wednesday I will be taking over the roll of health and safety wellness specialist for Loblaws West. This is a very exciting, new adventure for me and I am ecstatic for this opportunity. Looking forward to starting on Wednesday and will be sure to keep you all updated.

In the meantime, I am home at the farm for the next few days where I will be enjoying delicious and fresh garden food, long walks down by the river valley, my trusted and wonderful dog Boomer ( Boomer Loomer as we call Him), cocktails in the garden and deep, loving chats with my Aunt Barb.

Life has been so good these past three weeks.




Afternoon cocktail in the garden

I apologize for the lack of posting lately but will be back to regular scheduled blogging soon! Hope you are all having a lovely summer~!

Stay tuned for updates from the farm… we will be completing a special project this afternoon.


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