Red Chair Affair

As it turns out, putting on a tea party is just as much fun now as it was when I was five years old. This particular tea setting was an idea that we found in a tablescapes book and we re-created it with the perfect shade of red paint and antique doilies and tea cups. This table and chairs belongs to my Aunt and Uncle and was their first dining room set when they got married. We pulled it out of the basement on Tuesday morning and by Tuesday afternoon we had it in fine shabby chic form and ready for a garden tea party.




 ~First coat of Paint~


~Second Coat of Paint Drying in the sun~


~ Tea Party in the Garden~




Table accents include:

~two  antique tea cups and saucers

~Antique China Plate

~Oil Burning lamp

~Red pitcher

~Clear juice picture with red juice inside

~Red Posies from the Garden

~ Doilies handed down from generation to generation



This is the very first DIY furniture project that my Aunt and I have completed. We didn’t use chalk paint or do anything really fancy. We just sanded down the table and chairs, used an air compressor to blow the dust off and did two coats of latex paint. The wood was not in the best shape but it did absorb the color nicely and we were so happy with the results!!

 As women we never outgrow the little girls that are inside of us. This was such a fun day of playing house and I look forward to creating more memories and experimentin with different sceneries soon!!

**If you have any ideas for table settings for our Red Chair Affair please pass them along… you never know where “The Red Table Affair” could show up next… 




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