How goal setting changed my life… And my 100th post!

If you would have asked me 15 months ago what my biggest fear was in life… I probably would’ve answered failing.

If you would have asked me where my life was going 15 months ago… I would have said nowhere.

If you would have asked me how I was feeling 15 months ago… I would have said defeated, sad, scared and useless.

True story.

15 months ago I made the best investment that changed my life FOREVER             

I picked up the phone (I was sobbing)

And from that day forward my life has been forever changed…true story

Every day is not perfect nor am I. But every day I learn a little more about who I am and I take one step closer to achieving my something greater.

Looking at the same goal sheet I talked about here, I see that the goals that I have set out for myself are indeed happening… I’m making them happen!

I wrote down a list of goals on May 29,2012…

1year later May 29,2013

  1. Have a full-time health and safety job making over 50,000 a year (It took me until July but I did it)
  2. Continue doing yoga & run a 10 km race ( YTD yoga classes 58…10km this Saturday)
  3. Pay off my credit card by Dec 2013 (still working on it)

Another huge goal of mine was this little creation right here…this blog. 15 months ago I could barely speak in full sentences without bursting into tears and now, well…

!~100 posts~!

Its amazing what we as human beings can do when we put our mind in the right frame and believe in ourself.

If you struggle with goal setting or are in need of a boost, make sure that you get specific about what it is you are trying to achieve. It’s important to set goals that are clear, concise, are balanced, quantifiable, specific and have a date to be achieved (even if you miss the date by a few days, weeks or months).

Vision your ideal life:

~In a year, in five years, in ten years

~ Think about what you would do if you knew that you could not fail… the possibilities are endless!!

~ How do you want to be spending your time?

~Its important to categorize your goals into personal, career, and health.

~ set yourself up for success. Be realistic about the things that you want

~ ** REMEMBER** Be specific, clear and concise

Eg. I want a job

Eg. I will have a career as a (insert profession) by December 2013.

As of late it seems my blog posts have been few and far between and once again I apologize. I needed some time to refocus, regroup and figure a few things out. And, I also started a new job ( which is AWESOME!!)

I will now be returning to regular scheduled blogging and I hope you will are still with me.

I invite you to share some of your goals with me or if you are finding yourself unsure of how to set goals, please reach out. I would love to help~!!



2 responses

  1. Trena the last time I was at your place in Stony Plain (or spruce grove cause I’m that good with suburbia!), I seen a goal list on the side of the fridge. What I loved (and stole for myself) was that it was categorized! It’s worked well for me. I have my list stored in my phone so I can access it often. Although the list for 2013 hasn’t gone as well, I am still accomplishing my goals even if slower than I wanted!
    I book you may enjoy (super easy read, inspirational and Robin talks about gi setting): Live an Amazing Life, Robyn Beazley. Added bonus, she is an Albertan girl!
    Keep living the life you want Trena!

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