A Year of Dates… October, #7

the date envelope~


contents~ two adult passes to the Calgary Corn Maze.


the plan~ We actually attempted this date twice. The first time we went out to the corn maze was a sunny fall friday afternoon. Ideal conditions for a great date day. However, it had poured buckets of rain the night before which made for one muddy maze~ this being our first time out to the maze, we weren’t expecting it to be so muddy and were not prepared in the footwear department.

So, we decided we would wait and try again. And we did! This time we were joined by some very special little people (Tylers cousins). This is such a great place for the whole family and with Halloween right around the corner, there were lots of extra activities going on as well as a mini maze for the kids. If you live in Calgary or surrounding areas, I highly recommend The Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm. Be sure to check the conditions before going out and operating hours for the season as well.

Check out some highlights from the day~!







New Image



To see all of our dates, go here…5 more to go.


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