Hell or High Water

What was supposed to be a busy weekend with ball, date #3 and a visit from Tyler’s parents has turned into devastation and despair. We have had an unprecedented amount of rain this spring which has led to major flooding in low-lying areas and devastation and despair for a lot of people in Calgary and surrounding communities.

We received word on Thursday after work that we were to evacuate our building and head out of downtown as the Elbow river was likely going to crest around 3:00 am. We didn’t leave right away but were monitoring the situation pretty closely. The news showed devastating pictures of High River, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, and The Trans Canada Highway which runs through Canmore; all areas that had all been washed away or flooded.

At 12:30 AM we decided we had better go and took refuge with Tyler’s family.

With very little sleep, we awoke on Friday morning to find out that the Elbow had crested around 4 am and our neighborhood had indeed been flooded. We had no idea of the condition of our house or just how far the water had come up but from what we saw, things didn’t look good. We eventually made our way downtown to check on our place and soon discovered that our home was untouched, albeit without power, but no worse for the wear.

How grateful and fortunate we are.

As we walked around the neighborhood we did see that there were some people who weren’t so lucky…


4th Street SW in front of Vin Room


4th Street SW looking south

 It was eerie to be in our neighborhood without the hustle and bustle that you would normally find on a Saturday night. There was no traffic, no music coming from local pubs, just a stillness and state of quiet shock from what had occurred the night before.



Bridge in Lindsay Park


Lindsay Park, Elbow River

Thankfully there are so many great volunteers, police, fire and medical crews as well as city workers here in Calgary that are using the resources they have and working around the clock to help ease the pain and devastation that many of us here are feeling. 

Many helping hands from local businesses and food trucks we have all been managing to survive. And when I say survive, I mean all we had to do was clean out our fridge and find a place to stay.

There are many people in surrounding communities and areas who have truly lost everything.


Special thanks to Bambino Gelato for feeding volunteers in our neighborhood http://www.yycfoodtrucks.com/meet-the-trucks/


HUGE thank-you to National, Model Milk, Una Pizza and other local 17th ave pubs and restaurants for feeding us yesterday. It’s great to live in such an amazing and supportive community



Relief BBQ @National on 17th yesterday


So many helping hands just one block North of our place

Tyler and I are still without power today but are hoping to be back home by the end of the week. We are just  so grateful and thankful that we have a home to go to. Thanks to everyone for the texts, phone calls, Facebook messages and tweets. We appreciate your concern for us. If you are able to volunteer or donate in any way, shape or form I have included some websites below where you can do that. We have a long way to go to repair this city and surrounding areas and your helping hands are needed…




Stay Strong Calgary and friends, we will get through this together…one day at a time



Golf For Girls

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in yet another wonderful Kinette Club of Calgary event; the third annual Golf for Girls Tournament. This charity event was held at River Spirit Golf Club (27 km West of Calgary) in support of Sonshine Community Services. Hand in hand, this beautiful 27 hole golf course that is nestled on the edge of the Rocky Mountains and this amazing cause that provides a safe place for victims of domestic violence (as well as many other services) came together for an unforgettable day of golf, giving back, and good times.

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Bust a Move for your boobs!

This past weekend was another great one for the boobs…um I mean books!

I participated in BAM (Bust a Move) , a 6 hour workout extravaganza in support of womans breast health and Alberta`s cancer free movement. Not knowing what to expect for an early Saturday morning, my friend Heidi and I doning our supportive Pink gear made our way to the Edmonton Expo Centre with about 350 other women and 50 very brave men (who were also donned in pink) and prepared ourselves to Bust a Move!

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Toupee Day!

 This was such a great day!

I had a lot of people give me some pretty funny looks and a few people who were curious as to what I was wearing on my head…to which I kindly responded with the information about Toupee for a day.

Congrats to the Kinette Club of Calgary for raising $510.00 as a team

and for everyone who helped support this amazing event you helped raise

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Pay it Forward…the Creative Way!

I’m sure you have seen this post going around on Facebook and a bunch of other sites that you follow… I got it from OAM and I was chosen as one of the persons to receive a handmade gift. And now, its my turn…

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I moustache you a question…

We are in the last week of Movember…I’m elated! One more week to survive the scruffiness before I get my clean shaven man back. Its been a great month of growing but I’m really looking forward to a smooth skin kiss on monday!

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Moutaches…A family Affair

Sorry that I missed my weekly moustache update yesterday but Tyler and I were in Edmonton all weekend and I was in a conference all day yesterday. I know you have all be anxiously waiting to see how the MOvember progress is coming along. I’m happy to say that we are over half way there…in fact I’m on the ten day count down as of today!! Yahooo! Here is Tylers latest and greatest picture as well as one with is Dad and Brother in law Mike at dinner this weekend… Lookin’ good boys!

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Snow in the city

What can I say, I miss fall. I miss the smell of the leaves and the cool autumn air; the colours of fire that make the earth so bright and complete the circle of change. It seems as though fall as packed its suitcase and headed to Bermuda with a one way ticket. But that’s ok because I’m ready to embrace you winter. Winter means scarves and scarves are cute! We are pretty lucky here in Calgary as we get these lovely chinook clouds that make winter somewhat warm and bearable. Plus all the snow in the city means that its snowing in the mountains and I am definitely ready to pull out the Board and get on some fresh powder. Here are some recent pictures of what Mother Nature has been up to around here…

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November: dedicated to Yoga and Moustaches

Last night we participated in “Glow Yoga”. This was my first time doing yoga in black light with glow sticks and body paint but it was so much fun and a great way to spend a chilly All Hallows Eve. We arrived early and got all painted up, cracked some glow sticks and helped others get ready for this amazing and fun class. Even Kari’s dog Shanti got painted! (Kari is the owner of The Hot Yoga Lounge)

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