A year of Dates… July, #4

the date envelope~


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A Year of Dates, June…Date #3

the date envelope~


contents~ a gift card for admission for two for a day at Heritage Park, a map of the park and a brochure of Gasoline Alley.

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Red Chair Affair

As it turns out, putting on a tea party is just as much fun now as it was when I was five years old. This particular tea setting was an idea that we found in a tablescapes book and we re-created it with the perfect shade of red paint and antique doilies and tea cups. Continue reading

Livin’ on a Prayer

The other night Tyler and I were watching a program on National Geographic called“The 80’s: The Decade that Made Us” a mini series taking us through the decade that we both grew up in. From iconic pop stars like Madonna, fashion trends such as Jane Fonda’s spandex and Member’s Only Jackets to entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Ted Turner (who created CNN and the idea of 24 hour news) and finally, Ronald Reagan’s U.S Presidency and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, the 80’s were definitely a time for the people.

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A Year of Dates…May, Date #2

the date envelope~


contents~ Pedicures at  Oasis Wellness Centre and Spa 

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Patio Party!

It looks as thought Spring may be here after all. This past weekend we hit record high temperatures that brought smiles to many people’s faces~ Its amazing how the warmer weather seems to lift everyone’s spirits and bring pure happiness and enjoyment to many activities. Enjoying a cold beverage on a patio, walking a dog, going for a run, wearing shorts, sandals and sunglasses; everywhere I went there were people out and about, all smiling and loving life!

We decided that we would also take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and went out and bought ourselves some patio furniture for our balcony.  There has been a lot of debate on which set we were going to purchase as our balcony is very long but isn’t very wide. We went with 6 piece set; circular table, four chairs with cushions and an umbrella. Part of our balcony is covered so I don’t think that we will actually use the umbrella but it may come in handy for the part that is uncovered…

Since Tyler was busy studying for an exam he has coming up, I thought I would surprise him and get the furniture all set up so we could enjoy Sunday evening outside. (Quite a job for one woman!) I had help hauling the boxes up two flights of stairs before I was left on my own to construct the four chairs and table.

Here’s how it turned out…





TA DA!!!


Perfect weekend accomplishment!

Looking forward to spending some warm summer nights out here…stay tuned

for the first BBQ of the year and my DIY flower pots~

How did you spend your weekend???


A year of Dates…April, Date #1

the date envelope~

contents~ a day at xFactor indoor golf simulator

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Keeping up with 2013~!

I am in utter shock that it is April 11th today! I can’t even say where the past two months have gone because they have been an absolute rollercoaster, merry-go-round whirlwind! Just to give you an update from some of my previous posts…I went back and re-read somethings (the joys of having a blog) and realized that I may have left you hanging a bit.

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Spring Vase Decor

Since Spring has refused to cooperate outside so I thought I would bring Spring inside!


I found these lovely Pussy Willows,

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Happy Birthday & Date #1 Revealed

Here are a few pictures from yesterday of Tyler opening his present that I made him…Birthday DIY was a huge success! Tyler said that it was a great gift idea and that the best part is that he gets to open a gift every month. He also loved the shoes (although they were a bit big).



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