Red Chair Affair

As it turns out, putting on a tea party is just as much fun now as it was when I was five years old. This particular tea setting was an idea that we found in a tablescapes book and we re-created it with the perfect shade of red paint and antique doilies and tea cups. Continue reading


Hell or High Water

What was supposed to be a busy weekend with ball, date #3 and a visit from Tyler’s parents has turned into devastation and despair. We have had an unprecedented amount of rain this spring which has led to major flooding in low-lying areas and devastation and despair for a lot of people in Calgary and surrounding communities.

We received word on Thursday after work that we were to evacuate our building and head out of downtown as the Elbow river was likely going to crest around 3:00 am. We didn’t leave right away but were monitoring the situation pretty closely. The news showed devastating pictures of High River, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, and The Trans Canada Highway which runs through Canmore; all areas that had all been washed away or flooded.

At 12:30 AM we decided we had better go and took refuge with Tyler’s family.

With very little sleep, we awoke on Friday morning to find out that the Elbow had crested around 4 am and our neighborhood had indeed been flooded. We had no idea of the condition of our house or just how far the water had come up but from what we saw, things didn’t look good. We eventually made our way downtown to check on our place and soon discovered that our home was untouched, albeit without power, but no worse for the wear.

How grateful and fortunate we are.

As we walked around the neighborhood we did see that there were some people who weren’t so lucky…


4th Street SW in front of Vin Room


4th Street SW looking south

 It was eerie to be in our neighborhood without the hustle and bustle that you would normally find on a Saturday night. There was no traffic, no music coming from local pubs, just a stillness and state of quiet shock from what had occurred the night before.



Bridge in Lindsay Park


Lindsay Park, Elbow River

Thankfully there are so many great volunteers, police, fire and medical crews as well as city workers here in Calgary that are using the resources they have and working around the clock to help ease the pain and devastation that many of us here are feeling. 

Many helping hands from local businesses and food trucks we have all been managing to survive. And when I say survive, I mean all we had to do was clean out our fridge and find a place to stay.

There are many people in surrounding communities and areas who have truly lost everything.


Special thanks to Bambino Gelato for feeding volunteers in our neighborhood


HUGE thank-you to National, Model Milk, Una Pizza and other local 17th ave pubs and restaurants for feeding us yesterday. It’s great to live in such an amazing and supportive community



Relief BBQ @National on 17th yesterday


So many helping hands just one block North of our place

Tyler and I are still without power today but are hoping to be back home by the end of the week. We are just  so grateful and thankful that we have a home to go to. Thanks to everyone for the texts, phone calls, Facebook messages and tweets. We appreciate your concern for us. If you are able to volunteer or donate in any way, shape or form I have included some websites below where you can do that. We have a long way to go to repair this city and surrounding areas and your helping hands are needed…

Stay Strong Calgary and friends, we will get through this together…one day at a time


Patio Party!

It looks as thought Spring may be here after all. This past weekend we hit record high temperatures that brought smiles to many people’s faces~ Its amazing how the warmer weather seems to lift everyone’s spirits and bring pure happiness and enjoyment to many activities. Enjoying a cold beverage on a patio, walking a dog, going for a run, wearing shorts, sandals and sunglasses; everywhere I went there were people out and about, all smiling and loving life!

We decided that we would also take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and went out and bought ourselves some patio furniture for our balcony.  There has been a lot of debate on which set we were going to purchase as our balcony is very long but isn’t very wide. We went with 6 piece set; circular table, four chairs with cushions and an umbrella. Part of our balcony is covered so I don’t think that we will actually use the umbrella but it may come in handy for the part that is uncovered…

Since Tyler was busy studying for an exam he has coming up, I thought I would surprise him and get the furniture all set up so we could enjoy Sunday evening outside. (Quite a job for one woman!) I had help hauling the boxes up two flights of stairs before I was left on my own to construct the four chairs and table.

Here’s how it turned out…





TA DA!!!


Perfect weekend accomplishment!

Looking forward to spending some warm summer nights out here…stay tuned

for the first BBQ of the year and my DIY flower pots~

How did you spend your weekend???


Spring Vase Decor

Since Spring has refused to cooperate outside so I thought I would bring Spring inside!


I found these lovely Pussy Willows,

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I know I said at the beginning of November that I was strictly dedicating this month to moustaches and yoga but I couldn’t resist throwing in one more Spaghetti squash creation before getting into all the Christmas season cooking and baking. So here it is, my latest (and greatest)  Spaghetti squash creation. This was a very simple recipe with lots of delicious flavors and an asian sorta kick to it. Continue reading

Today, IAM a runner!


posted at the finish line

I thought this was an appropriate quote to begin the events of this weekend which is quite ironic because it was the last quote of the day at the end of the race. So, I will start from the end and finish at the beginning…

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happy in the moment~

I had a wonderful conversation this morning with a dear friend of mine. She has always been referred to as my Auntie Barb but really she wears many hats in my life. She’s been my aunt, my (second) mom, my best friend, my teacher, my running buddy, my rock. I had called her yesterday as I was elated to inform her that I had started the blog and when she called me back this morning she gave me a little update as to what has been going on around the farm (which is my favourite place in the world!). This time of year on the farm is normally alive with harvest. Its an insanely busy time of year that is consumed with combines, grain trucks and countless hours in the field. I wouldn’t have even had the chance to speak with her had that been the case. But after many years of hard work, the combines, grain trucks and Teeters have retired. My Aunt Barb told me how wonderful her days have been and how much she is enjoying the much more peaceful autumn around the farm. The morning air has been crisp and cool lingering around until the afternoon sun shows up for his brief performance, the leaves are starting to change colour and soon will begin there decent to the Earth and the evenings are calm, no men to feed, no CB radio blaring, and no roar of a combine. Just calm.

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what’s in a name?

Its how we identify ourselves, its the first question we ask a complete stranger, its what separates the calls for “mom” in the grocery store, its our name. I’ve struggled a lot with mine over the years, my full name being Trena- Louise and not the easiest to fit in those little spaces of your passport application. Let me break it down for you: Trena (tree- nuh) being Scandinavian in origin is a Latin term for “triple” often associated with the Holy Trinity and Louise (loo-EZZ) being German in origin and meaning “famous warrior” makes for what I like to call a “triple threat”! Needless to say I was born in the ’80’s and I’m sure that my parents took none of this into account when naming me… as my older brothers name is Trent, my mother once told me that she just dropped the “t” and added an “a” and since Trent has my father’s name as his middle name, well yes you guessed it, I adopted my mother’s name becoming Treenuh- Loo-ezzz!

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And so, it begins…

I have always had a desire to write. Its something I dream about doing but just never knew where to start. So I kept putting it off. Oh sure, I have a journal…well several actually, filled with all kinds of stories, quotes, doodles, life changing events, successes and failures but I just never knew how to get those words on paper to form something coherent or even something worthy of reading. Well, today is the day! This blog is something that has been a long time coming and I am excited to finally say its here! I’m making progress with all the little things that blogging entails albeit rather slowly. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was this blog. I’m really looking forward to writing and sharing my story with you as I embark on this journey into the unknown. I am in awe of all the amazing bloggers out there and all the stories, recipes, workouts, adventures etc. etc etc. that they have shared. Well now its my turn. Stay tuned as I venture into this world…Cheers!