Pure yoga bliss

Last week, I was really struggling with getting my butt to yoga. I was tired, cranky and well, just plain being lazy. I did manage however to pull myself off the couch, throw on my yoga clothes and drag myself to the studio. It was an off balanced practice for me and of course I let myself get the better of myself and began to lose focus about half way through the class. I managed to pull it together to finish off with some strong poses but by that time I was just ready for Shavasana. I lied down feeling disappointed in myself about not having a strong practice. We were told that we were in for a surprise during our final resting pose when all of sudden the sound of an acoustic guitar started to fill the room and a beautiful voice starts singing “All You Need is Love” followed by “Imagine”.

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the “perfect” runner…thoughts?

If you have been following along, (much love for your support) you know that not long ago I completed my first 10 km race with a time of 1:10.56 and that I also did a little damage to my foot. Just to recap, as I was nearing the 8.5 km mark I started to get a cramp in the arch of my right foot. Because it was painful to run normal heel to toe, I overcompensated and started running on the outer edge of my foot. At the time I didn’t really notice that I was doing this and it wasn’t until a few hours post-race that my foot really started to ache. When I woke up on Monday morning I could barely walk and this continued on until Wednesday when I could finally start putting normal pressure on my foot. Today, almost a week and a half later I am back to walking normal but I can still feel a little bit of pain when I put pressure on my foot a certain way. My first reaction of course was that it’s because I  just didn’t train enough, that I’m out of shape, or that I’m just using the wrong shoe (maybe a combination of all three??)

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Beyond your limits…

“There are only so many hours in a day, so many days in a week”. I’m sure we’ve all heard this or said this at one point or another in our lives. Or how about “I’m only one person, I can’t be in 8 different places at once, I only have two hands”. These are limitations that make us all human. Sure, we may sometimes wish that we could be super human beings and be in eight different places at once or have an extra set of hands, but the reality is we don’t. These are our limitations. Things that are out of our control that put us all on the same playing field.

But what about those limitations that set us apart? Is there a way we can free ourselves from our limitations?

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