Blog Birthday

When I started TrenaEverAfter, my expectations were nothing more than for me to have a creative outlet to share my scatterbrained emotions with whoever would read them. At the time I expected that would merely be a few close friends, Tyler and maybe the odd person stopping by from WordPress.

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Baseball Break-in

On Monday night I was back into the ‘swing of things after having been away from the ball fields for a few weeks. The sun was shining and other than the enormous amount of mosquitos, it was a pretty decent night for ball. We play at Optimist Park in Calgary and park our vehicles on the south side of the diamonds, within eyes view, but out of the reach of a home run. We finished the night with two wins and when I got back to my vehicle I noticed that there was something that looked like ice all over the front passenger seat of our SUV. I immediately thought that our vehicle had been hit by a ball but was soon in tears to discover that it had indeed been broken into. Continue reading

A Weekend of Awakening… and so much more

After a wonderful weekend away I have returned with a lighter heart, fuller soul and clearer mind. I am awake and alive. I feel enlightened and ready for what the Universe has in store for me.

When I wrote that I wanted to attend a yoga retreat on my 2013 bucket list, I didn’t actually plan to do it around the time of my mom’s five-year anniversary. Looking back I think it was the perfect coincidence.

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Mum’s the Word

And… I’m back.

Sorry to have left you all hanging for a few weeks but it’s just that time of year for me. Life has sort of taken over and I really just needed a break. Now, where were we…

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Wednesday Wisdom

What a whirlwind of a week its been! As February winds down and we are starting to see many signs of spring around here I find myself getting anxious for the changing seasons and warmer weather. I love the transition of the seasons from winter to spring as it makes me think of new beginnings when everything wakes up and the world starts to thrive again. It also means that  I’ll be planting flowers and starting my herb garden out on the balcony very soon~

But in the meantime I’ve spent the week focusing on practicing a few

principles of The Yoga Code; Satya (truthfulness) and Sanatosha (Contentment).

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Do me a favour…

Dear friends, followers and other lovelies that are out there…

I just wanted to take five minutes out of my life to introduce you to an amazing blogger/writer/mother/woman/world traveller named Lesley Carter.  Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to come true but just needed a little help to get there? Well, Lesley Carter has a dream… to win a trip around the world! Now, I don’t personally know Lesley, but I started following her blog a few months ago and that’s when I was inspired to create my own Bucket List. Although mine is a lot different from hers it would still be a dream come true for me to complete everything that is on it.

So, I’m asking for your help…

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moving forward…2013~!

It’s hard to believe that 2013 snuck up on me as quickly as it did! I guess I was just having too much fun saying good-bye to 2012, a year of many challenges and hardships that I’ve realized it’s actually nine days into the New Year…wowza! Many of you have maybe started thinking about resolutions and all things that you are going to QUIT, GIVE UP, RELINQUISH and ABANDON. All those things in your life just you just don’t care about anymore that are weighing you down. You may have even ran out and purchased a shiny new gym membership, committing and promising yourself that this is YOUR YEAR TO GET IN SHAPE.

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whatever the weather

I don’t think that I will ever complain about the weather in Alberta ever again. Considering what the rest of the world has encountered and is currently encountering with threatening tsunamis and hurricanes, I’d say the little bit of snow and colder temperatures we are experiencing here is a far cry from unbearable. If you are out East or have loved ones who are I hope that you are all safe and that you can make it through this horrible natural disaster.

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what are you manifesting?

I just wanted to take a moment on this blustery, snowy day to say thanks! The support, comments, followers and readers of this little blog that I have going on has been overwhelming for me. It’s been almost a month of writing, rambling and revamping but I think it’s safe to say that I am where I want to be. I hope that you all will continue to read what’s going on with me, leave your comments, and follow me along this journey that I have embarked on. I just want to take a moment here and say a huge thanks to Jackie Dumaine for helping me realize that “this was never not going to happen”. You’re an amazing woman and someone I am proud to call my friend.

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