What inspires you to succeed?

Halfway through January…how are you doing?

So far I’ve managed to stick with my goals and although I am not back out on the running trails…(yet)… I am doing yoga 4+ times a week. I feel great and am starting to get back into a routine. I managed to finally throw out all the junk food that was left over from Christmast; including half a cheesecake! Even though I thought about pulling a Chandler and Rachel, I managed to restrain  myself. Instead, I opted for some lemon detox tea, my book and wool socks, climbed into bed and read for about an hour before dozing off. I felt great today! I was up at 6:00 am and I haven’t hit that wall that normally rears its ugly head right about now. I have a lot of energy and am loving how I feel! We are moving in two weeks which just makess me more dedicated to stay on track Just because life is extremely busy and hectic right now, there is NO EXCUSE!

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