Where will you be in ten years?

Last night was watching a re-run of the Oprah show about people who had either been on the show or in some way had interacted with Oprah in 2002. She was highlighting where those people are now…ten (eleven) years later.

Which got me thinking…

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blog love

When I started this blog seven months ago I had no idea what to expect and no idea what “blogging” actually was. I figured this would be something that I would do for a short time until the next thing came along. Little did I know what a community of support and information existed in the blogging world and how much I would be inspired to write.

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Weekend Pleasures

I L.O.V.E weekends!

Especially long weekends jam-packed of full of non stop fun and pure laziness…

Can you believe that it was 13*C (55*F) here on Friday? Can you say beers on the patio after work?? Well, actions speak louder than words and we took full advantage of our trendy neighborhood and hit up National patio for a few bevvies on such a sunny wonderful day.


Best Fish Tacos EVER~!

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Taking Chances and making Changes

It’s interesting how a persons story changes as they go through life. Two years ago, I was pretty content living in Stony Plain working at a great office as a dental assistant, surrounded by friends and family and a very comfortable life.

Then I met Tyler…

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Invest in yourself

After thinking about my post yesterday and about what inspires me (you) to succeed, I wanted to take the time to offer some inspiration to those of you who are out there and ready to call it quits or perhaps have just hit a wall with your resolutions.

First off, just stop… 

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November: dedicated to Yoga and Moustaches

Last night we participated in “Glow Yoga”. This was my first time doing yoga in black light with glow sticks and body paint but it was so much fun and a great way to spend a chilly All Hallows Eve. We arrived early and got all painted up, cracked some glow sticks and helped others get ready for this amazing and fun class. Even Kari’s dog Shanti got painted! (Kari is the owner of The Hot Yoga Lounge)

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what’s in a name?

Its how we identify ourselves, its the first question we ask a complete stranger, its what separates the calls for “mom” in the grocery store, its our name. I’ve struggled a lot with mine over the years, my full name being Trena- Louise and not the easiest to fit in those little spaces of your passport application. Let me break it down for you: Trena (tree- nuh) being Scandinavian in origin is a Latin term for “triple” often associated with the Holy Trinity and Louise (loo-EZZ) being German in origin and meaning “famous warrior” makes for what I like to call a “triple threat”! Needless to say I was born in the ’80’s and I’m sure that my parents took none of this into account when naming me… as my older brothers name is Trent, my mother once told me that she just dropped the “t” and added an “a” and since Trent has my father’s name as his middle name, well yes you guessed it, I adopted my mother’s name becoming Treenuh- Loo-ezzz!

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And so, it begins…

I have always had a desire to write. Its something I dream about doing but just never knew where to start. So I kept putting it off. Oh sure, I have a journal…well several actually, filled with all kinds of stories, quotes, doodles, life changing events, successes and failures but I just never knew how to get those words on paper to form something coherent or even something worthy of reading. Well, today is the day! This blog is something that has been a long time coming and I am excited to finally say its here! I’m making progress with all the little things that blogging entails albeit rather slowly. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was this blog. I’m really looking forward to writing and sharing my story with you as I embark on this journey into the unknown. I am in awe of all the amazing bloggers out there and all the stories, recipes, workouts, adventures etc. etc etc. that they have shared. Well now its my turn. Stay tuned as I venture into this world…Cheers!