Being Enough

Today I am inspired by some inspiration I received yesterday from The Yoga Code workshop I attended.

I spent the day with 26 of the most courageous, loving, open-minded, amazing women. I love when Jackie asks me to be apart of her workshops because I love seeing the transformations that happen, the insights that people offer and the safe place of love and friendship that is created. The shift of energy throughout the day was amazing and I am truly grateful to be apart of something so wonderful (much love Jackie <3).

Here is what resonated with me:

I think as women, we tend to focus a lot more on what is going on around us and what other people are thinking about us in the role of mother, friend, sister, wife, CEO, etc. We feel guilty and beat ourselves up for not throwing Pinterest birthdays for our children, keeping up with every social event on the calendar, making it to the gym, eating that piece of chocolate, or in my case not blogging. We also steel our friends moments of happiness away from them instead of just being happy for them when we say things like “it must be nice” or “I wish I had her life”.

Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves to others?

And why do we constantly bring each other down?

I have heard so many comments and read so many posts and articles lately about women feeling powerless, judged, guilty and that they are not enough. We apologize all the time. We feel that we are not worthy. We don’t accept compliments without making excuses. We feel like we aren’t doing a good job at parenting, and that we just can’t keep up. (sound familiar)

Well, guess what? You Are Enough

Plain and simple,

You Are Enough

It’s important that we all realize this. That we practice Truth towards ourselves and believe that we are enough. Stop telling yourself lies and  really believe that as mothers, friends, sisters, wives, CEOs etc. We are enough. You are enough. I am enough.

Say it… “I AM ENOUGH”

Now, say it again and believe it…” I AM ENOUGH”

As we approach this holiday season where everything can be very busy, chaotic, stressful, crowded and hectic please take time to remember that you are enough, the mom in line with screaming baby is enough and every other women around you is enough.



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First World Problems…

I have just been looking at my calendar and the days seem to be filling up so quickly! We have so many wonderful things to look forward to this year including two weddings, camping, hiking, golfing, a week in Edmonton to relax with friends and family, as well as time with our friends out in Invermere. I’ll have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy all these moments because I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll be October before I know it…

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