Keeping up with 2013~!

I am in utter shock that it is April 11th today! I can’t even say where the past two months have gone because they have been an absolute rollercoaster, merry-go-round whirlwind! Just to give you an update from some of my previous posts…I went back and re-read somethings (the joys of having a blog) and realized that I may have left you hanging a bit.

I started 2013 with a bucket list of things that I wanted to accomplish. It really wasn’t based on one specific thing, aka travel or weight loss, but more so on things that I wanted to achieve this year. The list is something that I check on a daily basis and serves as a constant reminder of what I set out to accomplish and overcome this year. So far, I am doing great. I have adopted a more vegetarian way of eating, we are planning a trip to Seattle in September that will include an NFL game, I am enrolled in my second class this year for school, and with the spring/summer months coming up I’m sure the golf and camping items on the list will soon be checked off. I am well on my way…

The new place is coming a long. We are very much settled and even hosted our first dinner party a few weeks ago. We are looking forward to having more of these in the near future, hopefully outside on our balcony where we can fire up the BBQ and enjoy a few cold ones! We love it! I think we finally feel like we have a home and a place to call our own.

Exactly one month ago we started The Plan. This was supposed to be 20 days of testing food and “dieting” to see how our bodies reacted. It has now become a lifestyle and a way of eating every single day. We do still have those “reactive days” (cheat days) where we don’t follow exactly what is in the book but then we will follow that up with a neutral day and get right back on track. I love it! I don’t miss all the processed foods that we were eating before and I certainly love the weight loss that I am experiencing. Cannot say enough good things about it.

Just over a week ago, Tyler celebrated his 33rd (was I supposed to say that) birthday! I decided that I wanted to do something special for him and made a gift that would last the whole year! I decided to give him a whole year of dates. He opened the first one on his birthday and we were scheduled to go on our first date last Saturday. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and we have rescheduled it for later this month. In case you were anxiously waiting to read how it went… I promise there will pictures and an update soon!

Running~I am officially signed up for two races this year. One is happening on July 6th, 5km race, and the other is August 10th, 10km race. I’m going to try to get a couple more in as I would like to complete 4 races total this year…Wish me luck!

We both have been doing some great charity work this year, including Toupee for a day, Bust a Move for Breast health,and Scotiabank Pro Am for Alheimers. Its been so rewarding to be a part of these amazing events and we are both so grateful for all the support from our family and friends. I am looking forward to participating in more great events as the year continues.

Wow! So its been quite the year already… I guess when I look back and think its only April and look at all the things that I have accomplished it makes sense where the time has gone. Having the bucket list makes me accountable to myself and helps me keep my vision and goals in reach at all times.


As the seasons begin to change again from Winter to Spring and new life begins to take over the world I too am rejuvenated and looking forward to waking up my soul and breathing new life into my list.



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